Fortnite’s First-Person Mode Is Coming in Chapter 4 Season 2, Leak Confirms

Fortnite’s first-person mode will finally arrive in Chapter 4 Season 2. The new season of the popular video game is just around the corner and Epic Games will add many new features with it, including a new perspective.

The first-person mode has been in development for more than half a year. However, the Fortnite developer hasn’t released it yet since the feature was not completed. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Several reputable leakers claim that Fortnite’s first-person mode will come with the next season. Considering how amazing this mode is, it will most likely make the video game even more popular.

The release of Fortnite’s first-person mode is just around the corner

The first-person mode has been a wish for many Fortnite Battle Royale players ever since Chapter 1. When Epic Games released the replay tool in Chapter 1 Season 3, a lot of players used it to create concepts for a new perspective.

Fortunately, Epic began developing Fortnite’s first-person mode in Chapter 3. The mode was first leaked in the third season of the chapter, but the video game developer did not release any files regarding it to public servers.

Fortnite's first-person mode
The first-person mode will be available with the release of the next season (Image via Epic Games)

These files were released in Chapter 4, but the mode hasn’t been enabled yet. According to HYPEX, the most reputable Fortnite leaker, the mode will be available in the upcoming season of the video game.

While it’s almost certain that Epic Games will release Fortnite’s first-person mode with the initial patch of the new season, we still don’t know how exactly it will work. However, this will most likely be an alternative perspective that players will be able to switch.

The new feature will be incredible in the Zero Build mode, which is why so many players are excited about it. However, it will be rather confusing to build structures in the first-person mode, so we expect Epic to make this perspective optional.

Additionally, Creative players will be able to enable Fortnite’s first-person mode on their custom maps. With the release of Creative 2.0, the new feature will allow players to create even more incredible maps.