Fortnite’s OG Map Can Be Played in Chapter 4 – Season 2

Many players would love to see Fortnite’s OG map once again. However, Epic Games removed this map from the game at the conclusion of Chapter 1 and it doesn’t seem that it will return very soon.

While players are hoping that Epic brings the OG map back, some of them have decided to take care of this. Fortnite player named NostalgiaFocus decided to recreate the map in the Creative mode.

The map looks incredible and features classic loot and mechanics.

Fortnite’s OG map looks amazing

The recreation of the OG map can be accessed through Fortnite’s Creative mode. There have been many attempts to get this map right, but the latest version is simply incredible and a lot of players have enjoyed it.

What makes the latest version so good is the attention to detail. The map has been built on an XL island and features all the iconic places. Furthermore, the map creator disabled newer mechanics, such as sprinting and sliding.

Fortnite's OG map
The map looks fantastic and has the classic feeling (Image via Epic Games)

To access the map, all you need to do is enter 6087-3081-5772 as the map code. The easiest way to do this is by opening the game mode menu. From here, go to the Island Code tab and enter the code then launch the game.

It’s important to note that you can’t play Fortnite’s OG map in multiple modes. At the moment, only Solo mode is available. However, you can play the map with your friends through private matchmaking.