Free FIFA 20 Demo Released For PS4, Xbox One, & PC

On Tuesday, September 10, EA released their free FIFA 20 download for gamers to try out some of the gameplay and new features. The new demo arrives just a day after EA revealed FIFA 20 player ratings for their top 100 with Lionel Messi receiving the best overall rating. Now, gamers are able to test out some of the teams and the brand new mode with a limited trial version.

EA releases FIFA 20 demo with VOLTA, Champions League

On Tuesday morning, EA tweeted out the news many gamers were awaiting. A FIFA 20 demo is now live. The trial version of the game gives just limited features with the new VOLTA Football mode amongst them. With VOLTA, gamers are able to play a unique version of 3-vs-3 football on outdoor street playgrounds around the world. It includes an interesting customized game complete with walls to use for help in dribbling, passing, and scoring.

The new FIFA 20 demo also brings back Champions League Kick-Off, which was a part of previous FIFA demos. This allows for playing the old-fashioned version of the game with select teams. Gamers will have access to limited features with this mode. It also appears there are no other modes in the game beyond VOLTA and Kick-Off. Sorry to all Career, Franchise or Ultimate Team fans, you’ll need the complete game to enjoy those.

That said, the free demo is available for Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft’s Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Here are links for where to get the demo for each of these systems:

PS4 Demo at PlayStation Store

Xbox One Demo at Microsoft Store

Windows PC demo at Origin

With each of the above, gamers need an active and valid account at the online store in order to add the free demo to their cart or items and check out. Once that happens, the FIFA 20 demo should be available on the console of choice for download.

The full version of the FIFA 20 game will officially arrive on September 27, 2019. However, gamers who pre-ordered FIFA 20 Champions or Ultimate editions will get to start playing three days earlier. EA Access and Origin Access subscribers will get to start playing FIFA 20 up to a week earlier.

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