FIFA 20 VOLTA Gameplay Video Shows Off Wall Passes, Taunts, Goal Celebrations, & More

With FIFA 20 dropping in September, one of the biggest additions to the game is the new VOLTA mode. With this, gamers get to take their football game globally to different street playgrounds for a different competition. It’s four-on-four mode on these different city street courts with no true goalie making for a fun-filled new mode. After seeing a few trailers for the game, now we’re seeing the first FIFA 20 VOLTA gameplay videos.

Chuboi shows FIFA 20 VOLTA gameplay videos

The first FIFA 20 trailer weeks ago showed the concept of VOLTA to us as a major part of the game. On Monday, EA Sports FIFA Twitter posted a new highlight medley of FIFA 20 VOLTA gameplay. Their video teaser offers a minute’s worth of VOLTA goals scored by social media star Chuboi. In the clip, we get to see the fastpaced excitement of playing in this new mode. Additionally, we’re able to see steam shooting from the goals after a goal is scored and some of the fun player celebrations after scoring.

Chuboi released an even longer video on his YouTube channel after EA FIFA let him come out to Gamescom 2019. It’s 24 minutes in length and presents more FIFA 20 VOLTA gameplay than we’ve seen before. It includes the customization screens were gamers can stylize their individual players. It also has great tips for the new mode with FIFA 20 gameplay producer Tom Caleffi speaking about VOLTA.

We see that unlike soccer fields these playgrounds have walls surrounding them. They allow players to make bounce passes off of them. The lower walls are generally a harder consistency while the upper walls are softer. So there are some interesting strategies for using them to your advantage.

Additionally, there are a range of new skill moves that players can do based on the direction they’re moving in. With that, players can also taunt opponents to draw them in and perform a skill move to fake them out.

Not only that, but there’s a crazy cool new “kneeling header” goal built into the mode. Basically, a player gets down on all fours and delivers a header goal in a crazy fun addition to the game. In Chu’s video, there are ways to score using the walls, insight on how chemistry works, and other aspects of the mode.

It’s going to be interesting to see if VOLTA mode for FIFA really takes off, or it becomes something gamers generally disregard. The “cool” factor with new moves, goals, and celebrations is certainly there. However, one has to wonder how long gamers will be invested in EA’s new mode compared to others.

The new FIFA 20 game officially arrives for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 27, 2019.