Free PS Plus Games for December 2018

Sony has unveiled the free games that are coming to PlayStation Plus during the month of December, 2018. The most enticing games are naturally on PS4, but PS3 and PS Vita owners can snag some freebies as well. Sadly, none of our predicated games made the list, but there’s still some decent options to sort through.

December 2018 Free PS Plus Games

The two free PS4 games for December, 2018 are SOMA and Onrush. Over on PS3 players can claim Steredenn and SteinsGate. And finally on PS Vita free copies of Iconoclasts and Papers, Please are up for grabs. Iconoclasts is also cross-play compatible on PS4 which means PS4 owners technically get three free games.

SOMA will be free as part of the December PS Plus lineup.

SOMA is the latest title from acclaimed indie studio Frictional Games, the same studio behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The 2015 game utilizes a similar horror theme as Amnesia, forcing players to explore a spooky setting in first-person. However, unlike Amnesia, SOMA is also very much a sci-fi game. Players must navigate a spooky underwater facility that’s populated by hostile robots, alien creatures, and other horrors.

Onrush, meanwhile, is a ‘vehicular combat’ game developed by Codemasters. While it’s technically a racing game, Onrush is distinct in that it focuses on team-based combat and high-octane thrills. Winning is still the ultimate goal, but securing first place isn’t always the best way to achieve victory.

Sony is also offering a special PlayStation Plus freebie for those who are playing Digital Extremes’ Warframe on PS4. The Warframe PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III includes the following in-game perks:

  • 100 Platinum (premium currency)
  • 100,000 Credits (in-game currency)
  • Quanta Corpus Laser Rifle Weapon
  • Quanta ‘Obsidian’ Weapon Skin
  • 7-Day Credit Booster
  • 7-Day Affinity (XP) Booster

The Warframe PlayStation Plus Booster Pack III is available right now. As for the free December PS Plus games, they’ll rotate in on December 4 (i.e. next Tuesday). That means there’s still a little time left to grab November’s free games if you haven’t done so already.