Gears 5: Escalation Mode Radically Alters The Default Competitive Multiplayer Format

One of the main competitive multiplayer modes to be featured in Gears 5 is the returning Escalation mode. Escalation first appeared in Gears of War 4, but for Gears 5 developer The Coalition has drastically revamped the mode. Changes to weapon placement, win mechanics, respawn timers and even player spawns will define Gears 5’s version of Escalation. In short, The Coalition has crafted a competitive experience that’s both highly dynamic and infinitely replayable.

Gears 5 Escalation Mode Details

Gears 5 Escalation mode details

The Coalition provided an in-depth breakdown on how Gears 5’s Escalation mode functions via this recent blog post. Much as it was in Gears of War 4, Escalation is a 5v5 objective-based game mode. Teams vie for control of three rings spread around the map, one near each spawn and one in the center.

Each ring a team controls grants one point per second, and a team wins if they reach 250 points. However, that’s not the only way a team can win. If a team manages to secure all three rings at once, they instantly win the round regardless of point totals. The first team to win seven rounds wins the entire match. However, winning seven rounds won’t be so simple even for highly coordinated teams.

As the below video shows, several other factors can affect a typical Escalation match. Players can utilize round-by-round weapon unlocks and placements to give themselves an edge. Teams will also need to manage their spawn placements and total number of player lives. It won’t matter how good your team is at capturing rings if they other team can efficiently wipe you out. Conversely, hunting down enemy players isn’t a wise strategy if it means leaving the capture rings exposed.

Escalation will be just one of several modes included in the Gears 5 multiplayer component. It will also be part of Gears 5’s upcoming versus multiplayer technical test. Escalation is also undoubtedly part of The Coalition’s efforts to make Gears 5 feel “riskier.”