Gears of War 4: Where To Claim Your Ruby Scion

There is an exciting event going on in Gears of War for August that brings many new goods and rewards to the players. One of these rewards is the Ruby Scion players can get by earning a total of 6,000 kills in-game. The official Gears of War Twitter account recently informed players where to claim Ruby Scion through a tweet.

This massive event the Coalition brought to the fans of Gears of War 4 might be active for the entire month, but some players have already accomplished some of its goals. If you have already achieved a total of 6,000 kills and you did not know where to retrieve your Ruby Scion, you have come to the right place.

The official Twitter account of the Gears of War franchise posted a tweet just yesterday with the link where you can acquire your reward. Apparently, players could not retrieve their prize up until now. It is now available for every one of you who have been waiting to get it. You can see for yourselves the official announcement:

“You’ve slayed up the competition. You’ve got your hard-earned 6000 kills. Now it’s time to rock your Scion. The Ruby Scion is now claimable at!”

Gears of War 4’s August event also rewards players with x4 experience for this week only. You can get your extra XP by playing Ranked Guardian. That new event started yesterday, and it ends on Sunday. However, the Coalition is planning on bringing more and more Summer of Gears Featured Playlist events to the game. Therefore, stay tuned so you will not miss the awesome rewards coming to the fourth title of the franchise. We have also placed the link where you can claim your Ruby Scion here. Hurry up and get the reward you fought hard to win.