God of War 5: Santa Monica Studios Already Hiring Character Artists

The most recent God of War, which was released just a few months ago by Santa Monica Studios, was without a doubt the biggest release so far this year. Indeed, it’ll be tough for another game to beat it; the PlayStation exclusive set dozens of records and has dominated most retail charts since launch. Although the game’s director has said that he isn’t interested in making DLC, a sequel now seems guaranteed. While the studio has yet to announce anything, it’s emerged that they are already hiring new God of War artists.

New God of War Artists for Character Design

The information comes via a recent job listing posted on Santa Monica Studio’s website. The posting is for a Character Artist, to work on an as-yet unnamed project. While it’s theoretically possible that it might not be God of War, the odds that it is are very high. Given the most recent game’s monumental success, it seems likely that Santa Monica Studios, and Sony, will be keen to get another game made as soon as possible. Lending more support to the notion that the role is for God of War, the listing states that the role will involve creating; “characters, gods, creatures, and props.”

Santa Monica Studios is Hiring an Artist to Work on Gods, Creatures, and Props

It’s possible that the role could be for some sort of post-launch content; it’s always possible that the studio has changed its mind on DLC given the game’s success. However, producing concept art and the like is often one of the early stages of a game’s development. Given that Cory Barlog once stated that he had ideas for around another five God of War games; it seems likely that the role will be for God of War 5. (Or indeed, whatever actual title it receives.) While the latest God of War had an extremely long development cycle, Barlog also previously stated that it would not take as long to develop the next game. With any luck, fans may not have to wait more than a year or two to hear more from Santa Monica Studios.