GTA 5 Actor Slams Fans for Getting Down on Rockstar

It seems like pretty much all year, there have been almost constant rumors about GTA 6. Nevertheless, actual news has been a different story. Indeed, to all indications, it will probably not be until next year at the earliestthat Rockstar reveals GTA 6. So, what is the hold-up all about? One GTA 5 actor recently commented on the matter—and also called out impatient fans.

What the GTA 5 Actor Said to Fans

Franklin Clinton’s actor Shawn Fonteno explained, “Don’t knock Rockstar down, man. Don’t be on them. I see their posts. Y’all be on Rockstar’s head. Talking about, “y’all milking GTA 5… and when is 6 going coming out.’ Y’all got to understand man, it’s a process to put these games out. COVID hit, so it’s slowed s**t down. They can’t just throw anything out. Y’all wouldn’t accept it if threw a GTA 6 out right now and it just had bulls**t. Then y’all wouldn’t support Rockstar. Y’all would stop supporting the GTA brand. Rockstar is a quality, high-end, top-shelf type of business. If y’all look at the interviews for us, it took us like f*****g four years to four-and-a-half years to film and complete GTA 5.”

He makes a good point. Yeah, it is easy to get impatient waiting with bated breath for years to hear about a project we all care about. But we also want it to be amazing, and a stupendous amount of work goes into making a game like GTA 6. Rockstar is a company that is renowned for its quality and hard work. Being impatient is one thing, but getting down on the company for taking too long is another.

So, it will probably be a while before we hear anything official about GTA 6. But if we do, we will tell you about it in our GTA news. Let’s do our best to be patient and not get down on Rocktar. And in the meantime, we can all keep enjoying Grand Theft Auto Online.