GTA Online Players Successfully Steal GTA$1 TRILLION in Heist Challenge

Last week, Rockstar held the GTA Online Heist Challenge, a collective challenge to the GTA Online community to steal over GTA$100 billion. Today, the studio announced that, not only had the community successfully completed the challenge, but that they actually stole more than GTA$1 TRILLION in total during the event!

The GTA Online Heist Challenge: Completed

“If the community can collectively steal GTA$100 billion across all GTA Online Heist Finales between now and November 18th,” wrote Rockstar, last week; “we’ll reward everybody with a special new vehicle, free of charge for a limited time this December.”

GTA Online Heist Challenge Completed GTA$1 Trillion 2

The GTA Online Heist Challenge was a special event which took place last week, as described above; challenging players to steal, collectively as a community, over GTA$100 billion through Heist Finales. The event made it cheaper to do the setup missions of certain heists so as to incentivise players to complete the harder Diamond Casino Heist and other such missions. Today, however, we learned that the challenge target was completely blown out of the water by the GTA Online community.

Evidently, Rockstar either set the bar much too low or greatly underestimated the community; after all, GTA Online players hit the target more than ten times over! In total, the community was able to steal – in a single week – more than GTA$1 trillion. Obviously, this means that the challenge was completed successfully, earning the entire community a special reward.

Rockstar has yet to announce what the “special new vehicle,” is. However, the vehicle will be launching sometime in December. As players successfully completed the Heist Challenge, the vehicle will be free to download for everybody for a limited time. After that window, players will have to purchase it through the normal methods. Note that you’ll be able to claim this vehicle for free even if you didn’t participate in the Heist Challenge. Those players who did will be getting a “special badge” to indicate that you took part.