Halo Infinite Multiplayer Is Under Development, Director Happy With the Outcome

Who would have thought that Halo Infinite would already be at a stage where parts of it are playable? We all believed that the game is early on in its development but it seems we were mistaken. According to Halo creative director Frank O’Connor coulrdn’t hide his excitement abou the Halo Infinite multiplayer. As it seems, it is shaping up as expected although it is still early to say.

A few days ago, O’Connor took to Twitter to reveal some insight about the Halo Infinite multiplayer and reveal that it’s in a playable state inside 343 Industries. It might be a long time before we get to play it, but this makes us all the more hopeful. He said:

I’m extremely happy about how Infinite MP plays right now, but it will keep changing & things I like now will change and things I don’t get will improve – but I like every flavor of Halo so far, so in that regard I’m a filthy casual. What I can do tho is listen to this community.

And this is your annual reminder that I have subjective likes, dislikes, habits and patterns that are not only nothing to do with how we’re building the next game – some of them are object lessons to our designers about what not to do, lol. I never discuss detailed WIP.

Halo Infinite Multiplaye success revealed by director

As you can tell, the Halo Infinite multiplayer might be exactly what players needed to stay relevant with the franchise. Of course, all developers would say the same about their game. But what is different with Halo Infinite is that 343 Industries are more serious than ever about the franchise. The way Halo: The Master Chief Collection runs is a proof of that.

We still need to see gameplay so that we can be sure that Halo Infinite is what we have pictured. Stay tuned to VGR to find out when 343 Industries is ready to launch their flight program for Halo Infinite. You might be lucky enough to play the game early.