Halo Infinite Slipspace Engine Might Be Still In Development

Since E3 2018, where the first trailer for Halo Infinite was shown, we were waiting to find out more about its development and features. 343 Industries is still cryptic about the matter and it makes sense since we now get to find out that its engine, Slipspace might still be in development.

The news comes from a job listing within 343 Industries, indicating that they are in need of “a talented engineer obsessed with developing incredible game engine technology” in order to serve as a Software Development Engineer. His job will be to create performance critical systems to enable content creators to deliver world class experiences as well as micromanage all the needed engine systems like the scheduler and memory manager. The job listing reads:

“343 Industries, the studio developing Halo Infinite, is looking for a talented, passionate, and effective Software Development Engineer to join our core engine team building the SlipSpace engine to power Halo Infinite. Come be part of a studio that pushes boundaries of technology, creativity and imagination. A studio that is player obsessed. A place where teammates seek to amplify each other.”

If the news are to be believed then Halo Infinite is still early on its development. We believed this would be the case since the game’s trailer was simply a Slipspace demo, and an early one at that. Undeniably, even for a demo, the Halo Infinite trailer is extremely powerful and delivers the graphical fidelity of the title when it releases.

The on’y thing remaining to question about that matter is if Halo Infinite is still years before its official launch. If that’s the case, could the initial thought of the game getting released on Xbox Scarlett be true? For what it’s worth, this new title will be an exciting one since it will feature Master Chief as a main character.