Here’s How to Sign Up for the PlayStation 4 6.0 Beta

Sony is getting ready to deploy a new software update for the PlayStation 4 console that will bring it up to version 6.0. If you’d like to help test the update and you happen to reside in either North America or Japan, you can sign up for the 6.0 update right now.

As of this writing, we don’t yet know what the 6.0 update will contain, but those who are granted a spot in the upcoming beta will be able to get a sneak peek while they help in testing whatever new features are included. Links for the North American and Japanese beta signups can be found below, just note that you must have an active PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now subscription to participate in the 6.0 update beta. You also have until July 27 to sign up so it’s best to do so sooner rather than later.

For reference, the most recent PlayStation 4 update, update 5.5, added a number of interesting new features to the console’s interface and menus. These features included the ability to import custom home menu wallpapers via a USB device, the addition of a Friends tab to the Quick Menu function, a ‘Play Time Management’ feature that allows parents to set when their kids can use the PS4 console, and more. Update 6.0 is expected to have a similar list of major new features though, again, Sony is keeping specific details of the update under wraps for the time being.

In other PlayStation-related news, first-party Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games recently announced it will be doubling its staff. Meanwhile, another PlayStation first-party studio, God of War developer Sony Santa Monica, is reportedly hiring new artists to work on a follow-up to this year’s new God of War title.