Hitman 2 Fans Dream Up Their Ideal Season 3 Content Additions

Despite a rocky start with its episodic format, Io Interactive’s latest Hitman games have benefited from their current distribution model. Both 2016’s Hitman and 2018’s Hitman 2 utilize a live online client which can be updated on the fly. This has allowed both games to feel more like constantly evolving experiences rather than just static games.

However, if Io were to move on to a hypothetical third Hitman season, what might it look like? The series’ most ardent fans have a few ideas, and some of them sound really good.

Hitman Season 3 Ideas

Over on the official Hitman subreddit, user lyndonguitar recapped the transition from Hitman to Hitman 2. Due to Io’s split from publisher Square Enix, the studio had to make an entire new client for Hitman 2. One of the unfortunate side effects of this client merger was that legacy progress from Hitman season 1 didn’t transfer.

Hitman season 3 content ideas

Lyndonguitar said it’d be nice if Io could just keep updating the Hitman 2 client to ensure ease of use. However, if Io wanted to do another merge to an eventual Hitman 3, it’d have to plan accordingly. For one thing, progression and unlocks would have to transfer over (I agree wholeheartedly on that point). For another, Io would need to add in new and expanded gameplay functionality.

Hitman Season 3 Potential Features

What sort of functionality you may ask? Well, lyndonguitar’s full list is worth reading through, but here are my favorite suggestions from their list:

  • Dual-wielding pistols: Agent 47 has come a long way since his more action-oriented Hitman: Absolution days. However, sometimes even the most calculating Hitman players wants to just cut loose and mow down some baddies. Being able to dual-wield any unlocked pistols would greatly support such flights of fancy.
  • Linear mini-missions: The newer Hitman maps are impressive in their scale, but they can also be overwhelming. Smaller, more linear mini-missions could help break up the cadence of larger maps and add some gameplay variety.
  • Expanded co-op: Hitman 2’s co-op Sniper Assassin mode is fun, but Io could certainly do more with it. Being able to play standard on-foot levels and maps in co-op would be a lot of fun. To keep things balanced, Io could also disable elements like Instinct and manual saving.
  • A personalized hideout: Players can unlock a lot of cool items in Hitman and Hitman 2, but they can’t really show them off. It’d be neat to have a personalized hideout which you could explore between missions. You could test-fire weapons, display unlocked suits, and maybe even invite your friends in as well.

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