After Hope County, Where Will Ubisoft Choose to Set Far Cry 6?

Far Cry’s core titles have varied a great deal when it comes to setting. The last three games chose a tropical island, the Himalayas, and the wilderness of Montana for their settings. As fans look ahead to the next installment in the franchise, the first question to be asked is where Ubisoft will choose for the Far Cry 6 setting. To that end, the studio has already given some hints; the next setting could be even more exotic than any before.

Where Will Ubisoft Choose For the Far Cry 6 Setting?

Around three months ago, Ubisoft posted a Reddit survey to gauge fan interest in possible Far Cry 6 settings. They used a similar survey back in 2015 for Far Cry 5. There’s no guarantee that the studio will definitely use one of the options. However, it’s quite possible that Ubisoft has already used some of the options for the settings of their Far Cry 5 DLC expansions.

The Far Cry 6 Setting Could Resemble That of Far Cry 3 But in Peru

Two of the options present on the Far Cry 6 survey were; “A Far Cry title set on another planet, in a futuristic, sci-fi setting,” and “A Far Cry title set during the Vietnam War, in the 1960s”. These settings seem to match up with those of Hours of Darkness and Lost on Mars, the first two DLCs for Far Cry 5. The last remaining DLC, Dead Living Zombies, might have been based on an option from the 2015 survey which listed a zombie outbreak setting.

Possibilities Already Suggested by Ubisoft

The other options listed in the recent survey were rather varied:

  1. A Far Cry set in remote Alaska, themed around wilderness survival.
  2. A Far Cry set in the jungles or Peru, with a story about cocaine trafficking.
  3. A Far Cry set in a post-apocalyptic world with a similar style to Mad Max.
  4. A Far Cry set in a world like Shangri-La, as portrayed in Far Cry 4.

The first two are more comparable to existing Far Cry titles. It’s easy to draw parallels between the Peruvian setting and Far Cry 3, for example. Introducing wilderness survival elements would certainly make for an interesting change. While wild animals have long been a threat in Far Cry games, players have never had to contend with hunger, thirst, or cold. The other two titles are a lot more extreme. Shangri-La was a fascinating part of Far Cry 4. However, the setting which might be the most interesting now is the post-apocalyptic one.

Far Cry 6 Could Be Set Entirely in a World Like Shangri-La

Considering the ending of Far Cry 5, it’s very possible that the Far Cry world has been engaged in a nuclear war. At this stage it’s impossible to know how far the devastation may have spread, if that particular ending is considered canonical. However, in the context of that, the post-apocalyptic suggestion now seems particularly interesting. Furthermore, it even seems more likely. Ubisoft may well have set the stage for players to experience their take on a Mad Max style wasteland…