Ubisoft Teases Potential Far Cry 6 Locations

Ever since the early days of the franchise, Far Cry has taken players to some fascinating settings. A hallmark of the series has long been to twist things that seem ordinary or expected; Far Cry games often seek to introduce exotic elements to otherwise recognizable settings. From the lurking danger of Far Cry 3’s Pacific Ocean paradise to the deranged cultists stalking the wilds of Montana, Ubisoft has proven its ability to heighten its settings beyond the familiar.

As a result, fans are already talking about where the company will set Far Cry 6. Back in 2015, the company posed a Reddit survey to gauge opinion from fans over a list of possible settings, and they have now sent out a new one. The survey asks fans to pick three settings from a list of options. Some of the listed settings appeared in the 2015 survey as well.

The Setting Options

The list was as follows: Northern Canada, another planet, a post-apocalyptic world, India, Cuba, the steppes of Alaska, Russia/Siberia, the jungles of South America, the jungles of Vietnam, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, North Korea, or “other.”

The 2015 survey was more specific about its options, referring to such things as:

  • A Far Cry title set in remote Alaska, themed around extreme wilderness survival.
  • A Far Cry title set on another planet, in a futuristic, sci-fi setting. It could be that the upcoming Lost on Mars DLC for Far Cry 5 was inspired by this idea.
  • A Far Cry title set during the Vietnam War, in the 1960s. Again, this idea could well have inspired Far Cry 5’s upcoming Hours of Darkness DLC.
  • A Far Cry title set in the jungles of Peru, with a story about cocaine trafficking.
  • A Far Cry title set in a post-apocalyptic world with a similar style to Mad Max.
  • A Far Cry title set in a world like Shangri-La, the mythological fantasy world that appeared in Far Cry 4.

The 2015 survey also listed options that included a vampire-themed Far Cry, a Wild West setting, a zombie outbreak setting (possibly going on to inspire the Far Cry 5 DLC “Living Dead Zombies“), a sequel to Blood Dragon, and a Far Cry themed similarly to Jurassic Park. These ideas seem to have been abandoned now, however.

Obviously, it will probably be a long time before Ubisoft announces anything about Far Cry 6. Nevertheless, it will no doubt encourage fans that Ubisoft is already starting to think about the next title in the franchise.