How Sony Uses AI to Personalize Video Gaming

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into all aspects of daily life. As a result, many industrial processes are headed toward a future of more automation and less manual labor. 

This makes sense, given the utility of AI. It’s capable of using intelligent algorithms to gather and analyze data, making it possible to personalize all types of content, such as advertisements and marketing campaigns. Another industry that AI is establishing a presence in is gaming. 

Video games offer us hours of entertainment. With streaming platforms like Twitch and Activision Blizzard growing more popular by the day, the introduction of AI will likely increase market growth rates.

In short, customizing video games is new and trending in the industry, and Sony is one of the leaders when it comes to personalized AI gaming.

With that in mind, let’s explore how Sony is fine-tuning game personalization and what games will be impacted by this innovative technology.

AI Gaming: How Does it Work?

AI mimics the human brain’s connections, so it can make decisions and use past behaviors to anticipate what may happen in the future. As a result, AI continues to grow.

Back in 2019, Sony Corporation announced Sony AI, a subsidiary, to provide possible solutions to global issues while also expanding its business ventures. Because of Sony’s established reputation in gaming, it was only natural for AI to enter the gaming space.

The software Sony developed and patented is capable of stepping in and playing certain games for you. This software is so advanced that it even takes time to learn your gameplay style, so if you need to step away for a moment, AI bots will take over for the time you’re gone. 

AI agents can also participate in your game as an opponent or partner. For many players, this will enhance their gaming experience and make time spent playing more enjoyable.

Creating a video game in and of itself takes a lot of work — it’s no simple task. Developers must be skilled in the digital landscape. Sometimes, it takes years before games are ready for release to the public.

Benefits of AI Gaming

Despite this milestone in gaming, some players may not like the new capabilities. With all innovative technology, there are some pros and cons that AI will bring to the gaming industry.

As we enter a new gaming landscape, there are some benefits that AI will provide for players:

  • More challenging gameplay: Users will need to think on their feet and find new ways to defend themselves in combat games, for example. 
  • Improved Non-Player Characters (NPCs): It’s common to find useless characters in games, but with AI tech, it’s possible to encounter more player-like NPCs.
  • Updated Aesthetics: Animations in video games have come a long way and will continue to improve, making gaming more engaging.

Let’s introduce some games that use AI to improve user experience.

Games Using AI

More games are hopping on the AI train with the hope of selling more copies and building a solid fanbase. 

“MLB The Show 20” included AI in their software to upgrade current gameplay. Perfect hitting, a throw home accuracy meter, and an extreme catch indicator are only some of the new in-game features available for players to experiment with. 

Another game known for great AI is “Rocket League.” Players can deploy their own bots to face off in matches against other players who are using bots. Racing is a popular gaming genre, and bots can make sharp turns and increase speed autonomously.

Looking Ahead to the Future

Whether you stream on Twitch or take a more laid-back approach to gaming, it’s clear that the future of gaming will rely on machine learning and AI. 

Consider purchasing a game with new features to try out for yourself!