MLB The Show 20 Gameplay & AI Video Reveals Upgraded Features

Gamers may be pleasantly surprised with the MLB The Show 20 gameplay based on a number of exciting new updates. In a new reveal video on Tuesday (Feb. 4), they covered the biggest changes and improvements that gamers can expect. These include updated animations, a Throw Home Meter, Extreme Catch Indicator, and Perfect-Perfect Hitting, among others.

New MLB The Show Gameplay & AI video

In a new MLB The Show 20 gameplay and Artificial Intelligence video, Ramone Russell and a robot coach talk about each new feature coming to the game. There are quite a few of them on the way and the video does a great job of explaining how they’ve upgraded the gameplay and AI in the popular PS4 title.

According to MLB The Show’s tweet, those upgrades will include:

  • Perfect-Perfect Hitting
  • Throw Home Accuracy Meter
  • Extreme Catch Indicator
  • First Step System
  • 700+ New Animations
  • Button Accuracy Changes

What are the updated gameplay and AI features?

Improved fielding and batting are always a plus when it comes to MLB. With the MLB The Show 20 gameplay upgrades, those are definitely something that will give the sports sim title a more unique feel.

Perfect-Perfect is a brand new hitting tier for the game. Based on the video, it “allows the best players to shine” in the game. It happens for specific players when their swing timing and plate coverage indicators are both at their best. That will trigger a perfect timing and perfect contact feedback grade. Translation: it’s a Perfect-Perfect swing and hit.

The Outfield Throw Home Indicator should be a welcome addition. As an outfielder fields a ball hit in their area, gamers will get a meter above the player. Gamers will need to hit the needle on it with “perfect precision” and this will nail the runner trying to get home.

Extreme Catch Indicator helps to simulate an outfielder’s quick decision-making skills for “hard sinking line drives.” Meanwhile, the First Step System will give better reaction times and first steps for making big plays.

Of course, adding in improved button accuracy and over 700 new animations won’t hurt in terms of the fun factor. We already noticed some of the new celebrations and batter at the plate animations in the first official gameplay trailer. They look like they’ll add some unique presentations to the game.

MLB The Show 20 game details

Several months ago, developers San Diego Studios, MLB, and PlayStation revealed that the Chicago Cubs’ Javier Baez will grace the game’s cover. He’ll appear front and center on the game and will also be someone plenty of gamers use or face when playing the new title.

Once again, this year’s title is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 console. However, this appears to be the last title that is only going to be available for the PlayStation. Reports arrived with a new arrangement between San Diego Studios, Sony, and MLB.

With the updated partnership, they will be bringing the popular game to other consoles in the future. That should include Microsoft’s Xbox with the possibility it comes to Nintendo Wii and/or PC.

Meanwhile, MLB The Show 20 has an official release date of March 17. Select pre-orders receive bonuses, such as in-game content, real-world collectibles, and the ability to play the game several days earlier. Check out more details on the PlayStation website for pre-orders.

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