How to Complete Jeremy Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives for TOTSSF in Ultimate Team

With the recent reveal of EA’s La Liga NOS Team of the Season So Far came a starting XI along with several other players. That included a Luis Diaz SBC as well as a new Jeremy Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives. Here’s what you need to know to get the new card and how you may want to use it for your squad.

New Jeremy Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives item

The La Liga NOS TOTSSF featured upgraded player cards for the likes of Alex Telles, Rafa, and Pizzi, among others. Then EA’s FIFA released an Objectives for Mathieu and the SBC for Luis Diaz. With the new Jeremy Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives, gamers can easily acquire a CB card rated at 91 overall.¬†

Based on the FUTHEAD attributes (below),¬†gamers are likely to find the 78 Pace lacking. That consists of 80 Sprint Speed and 74 Acceleration. That’s why boosting it with the right Chemistry Style will make sense. He has 93 Defense, 91 Physical, 84 Dribbling, and 80 Passing as well. Other attributes that may jump out are his 97 Strength, 98 Reactions, 93 Shot Power, and 96 Defensive Awareness.

fifa 20 jeremy mathieu objectives item attributes

The 6-foot-2 left-footed Mathieu has High/Medium Workrates along with two-star Skill Moves and two-star Weak Foot. Check out the requirements to get him below along with the best Chemistry Style and other thoughts on the card.

How to complete the Objectives, item review

In order to get the Jeremy Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives card, there are four objectives to complete. Here’s a look at each of the individual objective requirements with their accompanying rewards.

LaLiga Libero – Score 2 goals in 2 separate Squad Battles matches on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) using LaLiga players with min. 80 Physical rating. (Reward: Two Players Pack, 300 XP)

Defensive Detail – Assist in 3 separate Squad Battles on min. World Class difficulty (or Rivals) using Defenders. (Reward: Gold Pack, 300 XP)

Providing in Portugal – Assist with a Through Ball in 3 separate Rivals matches using Liga NOS players. (Reward: Small Electrum Players Pack, 300 XP)

Formed in France – Score a Finesse goal in 4 separate Rivals wins using French players. (Reward: Electrum Players Pack, 300 XP)

The reward for completion of all four of these is the Mathieu FIFA 20 Objectives item. A YouTube video gives some insight into how to get the objectives done quicker by grouping the LaLiga Libero with Formed in France and grouping the middle two together. That’ll save time.

Currently, FUTBIN community votes have Shadow at 54 percent of the votes for best Chemistry Style. The Anchor style is second at just 23 percent, as of this report.

In the video below, check out more of an overview of the item and some more thoughts about Mathieu’s use on the pitch.

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