How to Get Madden 20 Ultimate Team Legends Jerry Rice & Reggie White

The Madden 20 Ultimate Team Legends have officially arrived to start the brand new season. On Saturday, August 3, EA revealed Hall of Famers Jerry Rice and Reggie White as the first MUT 20 Legends. They each have 90 overall cards available, but it will take some coin to get to those 90 overall cards. Here’s how to get these new Legends Boss cards for your Ultimate Team lineup.

Madden 20 Ultimate Team Legends Jerry Rice & Reggie White

We saw the MUT Superstars arrive in the past few days, showing off some of the game’s current stars. Now, two of the best players ever on opposite sides of the ball are available as the first Madden 20 Ultimate Team Legends. They are San Francisco 49ers receiver Jerry Rice and Philadelphia Eagles left end Reggie White. These players have MUT 20 Legends Boss cards carrying stellar 90 OVRs for Ultimate Team lineups. However, getting them requires collecting a set of their other cards.

Gamers will need to go through the MUT packs to find the five other cards for the player’s specific set. Each player has 82 OVR, 83 OVR, 84 OVR, 86 OVR, and 88 OVR cards. So you’ll need to purchase packs and get each of those five cards for either Reggie White or Jerry Rice, depending on which player card set you’re trying to complete. Once you have all five cards, you’ll be able to get the 90 OVR Legends Boss card.

MUT Auctions, new Legends Challenges

The other option is to head to the Ultimate Team area and then the Auction House. In this area you can bid on player cards including the Jerry Rice and Reggie Whites Legends Boss cards. They could come at a high price, but its still early in MUT season.

Additionally, there are new challenges in Madden Ultimate Team related to these players.By completing challenges, gamers can earn rewards depending on the difficulty level. Ultimately, it’s possibly to receive a Jerry Rice or Reggie White Power Up item which can be sold on the game.

Completion of the Challenge on maximum difficulty and earning both bonus stars brings 3,100 coins and the player’s Power Up item. So a bit of grinding can get you on your way to some nice early MUT rewards!

Just a day prior, we saw a special promotion with a Madden 20 Twitch Prime card for Hall of Famer Jim Brown. So it seems Madden is picking up steam as the NFL season is still a month away!

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