How to Bring Down God of War’s “Soul Devourer” Optional Boss

God of War has an enormous amount of content in addition to the game’s main story. Valkyries such as Olrun stand out as powerful optional bosses, but they aren’t the only ones around. The Soul Devourer is one such optional boss. While other bosses can be very difficult to land a hit against, the Soul Devourer is not particularly defensive. That’s because this stone brute is immune to most of your attacks.

Finding the Soul Devourer is the first task to undertake. The being is located in a hidden part of the Lake of Nine called the Ruins of the Ancient. This place will be inaccessible until the latter stages of the game, when you are sent through as part of the “Anatomy of Hope” Favor. Once you lower the waters of the Lake of Nine for the second time, look for a beach to the north of the Forgotten Caverns. There, you will find a Mystic Gateway.

Fighting the Soul Devourer

Once you enter the Ruins of the Ancient, you should spot the towering stone form of the Soul Devourer wandering around. Don’t worry – the boss won’t attack you until you hit it. Once you’re ready, simply land any sort of attack on it and the boss-fight will start. The first thing to bear in mind is that you will be unable to harm the Soul Devourer with almost all of your normal attacks.

Using the central pillar for protection, wait for it to start firing at you with projectiles. When it does, part of its chest will be exposed, and you can throw Kratos’ axe at it. Each time you land a hit, part of its internal core will break off and get knocked out. Once the boss stops firing at you, run to the piece and pick it up. When the Soul Devourer next starts shooting, throw the piece back at its exposed core.¬†Once you’ve repeated this process a few times, you will stagger the Soul Devourer. Stun grab it, and then attack. This will eventually bring the Ancient down.

After you have beaten this optional boss, be sure to search the area for a few rewards. A treasure map called The Historian can be found here, as well as a chest containing a Niflheim Language Cipher piece.