Huge Fortnite Changes Have Come With the Last Update

Epic Games has released the v20.30 update for Fortnite Battle Royale on May 3. 2022. This update has brought several big things to the game, including huge Fortnite changes to close-range weapons. Furthermore, the game developer has released several map changes and new cosmetic items, among other things.

It is clear that Epic is trying to change the meta in Fortnite. Shotguns used to be incredibly powerful with their massive damage, but that has changed. Players are no longer able to one-shot enemies with a shotgun, but the latest Fortnite changes have slightly balanced things. On the other side, the game creator has buffed a Drum Shotgun, which was a surprising move.

The latest Fortnite changes are meant to bring balance to the game

“In v20.30, all Shotguns have undergone a damage balance update. These changes will increase the damage for most shots (including headshots). All Shotguns have also been given a “max damage cap,” affecting how much maximum damage a single shot can deal,” is what Epic Games posted on their official blog.

The latest Fortnite changes have drastically changed shotguns.
The latest Fortnite changes have drastically changed shotguns.

These are the changes that have been released and they will affect both regular and Zero Build modes:

  • Minimum pellet-hit count increased from 3 to 4 for the Striker Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun, and Drum Shotgun.
  • Striker Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun pellet damage and headshot damage increased.
  • Ranger Shotgun and Drum Shotgun headshot damage greatly increased, but no change to base pellet damage.
  • Drum Shotgun damage falloff adjusted, shortening effective range. 

Most of these changes are fine and they will definitely make the game more balanced. However, the Drum Shotgun will still be incredibly powerful. Why? Because Epic Games has nerfed its range, but its close-range damage is even higher now!

Drum Shotgun is the best shotgun in the game

Ever since Chapter 3 – Season 2 was released, players have been in love with the Drum Shotgun. Well, it’s actually more of a love-hate relationship, depending on if you eliminated someone with this shotgun or if someone eliminated you with it.

The Drum Shotgun is still the king of shotguns.
The Drum Shotgun is still the king of shotguns.

Players have asked Epic to nerf the Drum Shotgun as it was far stronger than the other guns of the same type. However, the latest Fortnite changes have increased the headshot multiplier from 1.25 to 1.5. Even though the range has been reduced, this weapon is still incredible in close-range combat.