Ill-Fated Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Brawler Paprium Finally Releases Soon

The ill-fated Sega Mega Drive (Genesis here in North America) game Paprium is potentially releasing this month. The 2D brawler game was originally going to release as a real Mega Drive/Genesis cartridge. However, the developer WaterMelon Games has notably had a troubled development cycle for the title since its announcement years ago.

Paprium comes from the same developer behind the Genesis/Mega Drive RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects. Though, unlike that game, issues behind the scenes made it seem as if it would never see the light of day. Initially set to release in late 2017, it totally missed that date with little communication behind the delay.

However, it seems Paprium will be finally releasing this month, most likely on October 27. Those who pre-ordered the game recently received news of the announcement. On October 27, there will be a launch party in Paris, France celebrating the game’s release and the 30th anniversary of Sega Mega Drive.

Paprium Announcement Trailer

The Paprium launch party is a free event that anyone can attend and looks to be going all night long. More importantly, though, WaterMelon Games notes that it is “working hard to ensure” you receive your game around that time. Another email is set to send out soon that will have backers confirm their final shipping address.

Throughout Paprium’s development, there have been many issues. For instance, most of the original team behind WaterMelon Games’ previous title Pier Solar already left the company. This led to shady business moves like accepting pre-orders last year before not making good on any promises. Worse still, the developer gave vague and mixed communication on what was happening.

Thankfully, it looks like the 2D brawler will be finally releasing on Sega Mega Drive/Genesis cartridges soon. It will join its predecessor Pier Solar, an RPG released for the Sega console. That RPG also came to modern consoles so it’s possible Paprium will do the same in the future.