Is Comedian “Kumail Nanjiani” A New Character In Death Stranding?

Death Stranding has already a strong cast of actors motion-capturing the main characters. Mads Mikkelsen, Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux and Lidsay Wagner are confirmed to be the main characters, however, there might be an indication that a renown comedian making a cameo in Kojima Productions’ upcoming game.

The news is that Kumail Nanjiani, famous Pakistani-American stand-up comedian might be doing a part in Death Stranding. Nanjiani is a huge Hideo Kojima fan and is known for his voice acting skills. Recently, he posted a picture on Instagram, indicating that he’s taking part in a motion-capturing project.

What’s to note here, while this is merely a rumor and nothing is announced, is that Hideo Kojima actually popped a like on that photo. Nanjiani actually gave credit to Kojima a while back for reccomending his movies.

Hideo Kojima is known for bringing people he admires into Death Stranding. All four characters have been hand-picked by him for their roles not only because they fit it perfectly but also because he was a fan of their work and carreer.

Back in February, Nanjiany posted a picture on Twitter revealing that he, Hideo Kojima and Emily V Gordon have been out for lunch and it’s true that lunch like these don’t come out as non-important.

Interestingly, Kojima and all stars of Death Stranding usually use Twitter to drop hints about the game. Both Kojima and Reedus have revealed that Death Stranding has already started, meaning that you can squeeze information about it out of social media. You should be checking out their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages frequently and you’re sure to find out some cool information about the game.

Adding Kumail Nanjiani to the Death Stranding cast is exciting both ways. Seeing fresh faces getting involved with triple-A video game titles is another hint of what the future holds for the industry in general.