Is There a Difference Between the Xbox Series X/S/One Controllers?

The Xbox console remains one of the most popular today since its initial release in 2001. The recent release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S boasts a total upgrade for the company — 120 frames per second, among other visual and processing upgrades. Another reason that adds to Xbox’s cool factor is the X in its name. X used to be used as a variable but is now code for something unknown or mysterious, adding to the allure.

What Are the Biggest Changes Between Series X/S and One?

Since the release of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X brought many new changes, the standard of Xbox controllers has changed, too. The new controller is much like the old Xbox Series One controller, but it’s improved in every way.

The Series X/S controller has a share button, whereas the Xbox One does not. It also has a Dynamic Latency Input, which increases communication between the controller and console. As a result, players will see frames onscreen that better match up with what they’re doing on the controller.

Its charger has also changed. The new Xbox Series controllers run off of a USB-C charger, the same type that many phones and tablets use. Though this type of charger speeds up the charging process, the controller still supports AA batteries. Plus, it’s compatible with Xbox One consoles — meaning there’s no reason to avoid a total upgrade.

Overall, the two controllers have the same general look — but the newer series controllers have improved the design everyone loves. Controllers are now sleeker and easier to fit in smaller hands, making them more comfortable with young and old gamers of all ages. The X and S controllers are the same — what’s different are the consoles themselves.

Xbox Series X vs. Series S

Despite coming out simultaneously with multiple similar features, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are different consoles in many regards, especially when it comes to affordability. The casual gamer might benefit more from purchasing the S, whereas a hardcore gamer who wants better visuals and gameplay would prefer the X.

The Xbox Series S is the smallest console that Microsoft has released. It’s thinner and takes up less space, making it a perfect addition to an overcrowded entertainment center. It’s the more cost-effective of the two consoles at only $299. However, the Series X is larger and boasts 1TB of memory. Its processors and expanded storage ensure that you can play any game you want in 4K quality, nothing less. It’s more expensive than its counterpart at $499.

The Xbox Series S/X and the Future of Xbox

Whether you choose to purchase the Xbox Series S or the Xbox Series X depends on how often you game and how much you have to invest in a new console. Still, no matter which one you choose, you can be sure that the latest consoles and controllers are ushering in even more greatness for the Xbox series. 

Even if you plan not to purchase one of the newer consoles, upgrading your controller for your Xbox could be a worthwhile decision. With over 48 million Xbox One units sold, Xbox’s new consoles will likely prove to be even more of a hit with the many people who love the company.