Leak Hints at an Earthquake Coming in Fortnite Season 8

With Season 8 of Fortnite coming up fast, there are a lot of rumors and updates circulating. Perhaps the most exciting to surface thus far is a datamining leak which points toward an earthquake on the way during the next season.

Here is What We Learned About a Fortnite Season 8 Earthquake From the Leak

This report comes from Fortnite News. According to the site, a dataminer called @FortTory on Twitter was checking out the v7.30 patch files when he came across a fascinating reference.

Is an earthquake on the way to Fortnite Season 8?

You can see that there are four Fortnite events listed here. They are: Earthquake, Festivus, Football and New Year. Incidentally, going by the timing, it seems the “New Year” event is more likely a reference to the Lunar New Year than the calendar turnover to 2019. That being said, since that takes place on February 5th, it still seems a bit late. But Season 7 is running long, so it could still have something to do with celebrating the Year of the Pig.

Anyway, moving on, take a look at these directory images:

A dataminer recently found references to a Fortnite Season 8 earthquake event.

 A Fortnite Season 8 earthquake may be coming.

Notice the “CameraShake” file. That certainly seems fitting with the earthquake event.

So the next question is what form this “earthquake” is going to take. Is it going to be one big, sudden event, drastically re-sculpting the map? Or are tremors going to build up slowly toward the big moment, destabilizing the map and impacting game play? It would be pretty tough to aim with the ground shaking!

A lot is happening every day in Fortnite. So as you wait for Fortnite Season 8, be sure to keep up with all of our Fortnite news updates. We’ll keep you current with everything unfolding during Season 7, and will make sure you catch all the newest rumors about the upcoming season!