All the Legend Updates in the Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch

Now that the Apex Legends Lost Treasures Collection Event is live in-game, Respawn has rolled out a major patch; one which includes a wide range of buffs, debuffs, and other adjustments alongside the new content. Some Legends, like Lifeline, have received a significant overhaul, while others have just had a few tweaks here and there.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch – Lifeline, Loba & Mirage

Lifeline: Of all the Legends affected by this patch, Lifeline may be the one to get the largest array of changes. Firstly, her Combat Medic Passive ability (including Fast Heal) has been replaced by Combat Revive. This allows her to deploy D.O.C. to revive her teammates, while also deploying a shield, and leaving Lifeline free to continue fighting. Meanwhile, her Tactical cooldown is now 15 seconds faster (45 instead of 60). Finally, her Care Package Ultimate should now contain more items than before; 3x more small healing items and 2x more attachments, to be specific.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch Legend Updates 2

Loba: Next up in the patch is Loba. In her case, her Burglar’s Best Friend ability will no longer be intercepted by Wattson’s Interception Pylon. Additionally, a couple of changes have been made to her Black Market Boutique. This Ultimate will now only pick up a single ammo stack, instead of one + the amount you need to fill any partial stack in your inventory. Additionally, her Ultimate Accelerants will now give 20% ult charge, instead of 17.5%.

Mirage: Just like Loba, two of Mirage’s abilities got changes in the Lost Treasures patch. Firstly, his Tactical ability will now release auto-control decoys when you hold the tactical button. Decoys will also now say voice lines when they are shot. Meanwhile, when Mirage uses his Passive to cloak, his holo emitters will now be visible to any player less than 5 metres away. Finally, when Mirage skydives, he can now create decoys for his whole squad providing he’s still diving with the squad.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch – Octane, Revenant & Wattson

Octane: The first change to Octane is to his Tactical ability. When he activates his Stim, it will now remove any effects impairing his movement. Additionally, his Stim sprint speed has gotten 10% better. His Ultimate ability is also a bit different now; players will now be able to double jump in mid-air when they bounce on Octane’s Launch Pad. (This double jump will make it easier for players to change direction.)

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch Legend Updates 3

Revenant: In the case of Revenant, the robotic Legend’s Tactical ability will now cancel Pathfinder mid-grapple, as well as Wraith in the moment before she activates Phase Walk. It will also now prevent Mirage’s cloaked revive, Mirage’s decoy control activation, and Lifeline’s combat revive. Finally, the range has been removed on Revenant’s Death Totem Ultimate.

Wattson: In this patch, Wattson has received several changes to her Pylons. The Pylons will now last for 90 seconds, and Wattson can now have up to 3 active Pylons at a time. Additionally, she can now stack 2 Ultimate accelerants per inventory slot. According to Respawn, these changes are intended to help create openings where enemies can approach Wattson safely so that she can’t hold positions with trophies indefinitely quite as easily as before.

Apex Legends Lost Treasures Patch – Wraith & Other Changes

Wraith: Like Lifeline, Wraith also received a major rework in the Apex Legends Lost Treasures patch, primarily to her Phase Walk. This ability will now take 1.25 seconds to enable (instead of 0.4), and during this moment, Wraith will move 20% more slowly. While Phase Walking, she will get a +30% speed boost, and will also be able to see other players. Plus, the Phase Walk will now last 4 seconds instead of 3, and its cooldown is now 25 seconds. (Rather than 35 seconds, as it was before). Finally, her Phase Tunnel ability has had one slight tweak too; the distance for portal placements has gone down by 25%.

Other Changes: Beyond those listed above, a few other Legends also received a few minor tweaks. Enemies can now cancel Caustic’s barrel, for example, if they shoot it before it fully inflates. Meanwhile, Gibraltar’s Fast Heal effect, active inside the Dome Shield, has been slowed down to 15% faster than normal. (Rather than 25%.) Crypto players can now deploy his Tactical drone more quickly (1.5 seconds instead of 2.5). Plus, his Ultimate EMP will now disable Wattson’s Pylons.