Madden 19 Super Bowl 53 Matchup: Rams’ Todd Gurley Battles Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski On Xbox One

With Super Bowl 53 less than a week away, fans are ready to see who will win the battle between New England and Los Angeles. As part of the buildup to the game and promotion of it, various video games are getting involved. The biggest of those is Madden 19, who recently ran their Super Bowl 53 prediction simulator. In addition, they got upcoming opponents Todd Gurley of the Rams and Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots together for some Madden 19 Super Bowl fun.

Madden 19 Super Bowl 53 matchup between future opponents

It’s all good competitive fun on the virtual game ahead of the real one. That’s what happened when Todd Gurley and Rob Gronkowski got together for a friendly Madden 19 battle ahead of their real on-field battle. Both players are offensive juggernauts for their respective teams, but how would they do against each other on the video game?

The two players battled it out on the Xbox version of the game at Lenox Mall’s Microsoft Store in Atlanta, Georgia. While fans in the area could stop into the store to watch them play, everyone else got to check it out online via Mixer and Twitch channels.

Last month, Gurley played against Trey Smith on the Xbox Madden game. While Gurley was playing with his team the Rams, he shut out by Smith’s Cowboys. However, Gurley said he blamed Jared Goff for not giving him the ball more in the game. Gurley wasn’t a big part of the Rams’ NFC Championship win, but he’s hoping to make an impact in the Super Bowl.

Madden 19 Super Bowl 53 Xbox matchup

In the latest Madden Xbox matchup, Gurley fared much better. The two players went scoreless for most of the first half, but Gurley’s Rams came up with a key interception. That led to a rushing touchdown one yard away before the half ended to make it 7-0 Los Angeles.

The game went on with Gurley able to add another touchdown to his total. Gronk managed to get six on the board for the Patriots and then had the ball back with a minute to go. With Gronk down 14-6, a bit of a controller malfunction ensued leading to some controversy.

When things got back on track, Gurley stepped it up on defense again. His Rams had a huge touchdown reception to close it out. The two players left some parting comments with each other ahead of Sunday’s real Super Bowl.

Check out the full Madden 19 battle video here at Xbox Twitch. It includes not only the two players talking trash as they play but also answering fan questions about video games and the real NFL game.

Fans can watch Super Bowl 53 on Sunday, February 3 on CBS beginning at 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

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