Madden 20 Cover Athlete Patrick Mahomes Featured in Photoshoot on Chiefs’ ‘The Franchise’ Video

When the Madden 20 game finally arrives in several months from now, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes will be front and center. The reigning NFL MVP was revealed as the Madden 20 cover athlete on NFL Draft day and rightfully so. He set standards for passing this past season and led his team to the AFC Championship Game. The Kansas City Chiefs are now profiling the past season and other behind-the-scenes goodness in a brand new video called “The Franchise” with their first episode.

The Franchise Video with EA Sports’ Madden 20 cover athlete photoshoot

The premiere episode of the Kansas City Chiefs’ video series is “The Franchise Episode One: Be Great.” It includes a look back at the 2018 NFL season and then the team’s preparation for the NFL Draft in Tennessee. In addition, there is a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot that went down with Patrick Mahomes. It took place at Line 204 Studios in Hollywood, California with EA Sports photographer Rafael Astorga.

He mentions in the segment that they have specific photo concepts arranged ahead of Mahomes’ arrival for the shoot. Once the Chiefs quarterback is there, he can determine which poses and concepts he wants to go with and which he’d rather not use. That segment arrives at the 20:02 mark of the full episode below.

It’s interesting to see the range of poses and emotions that go into the overall Madden 20 cover photoshoot. It’s a mixture of Patrick Mahomes in his Chiefs home and away uniform doing everything from serious poses to having fun and going into full celebration mode screaming towards the camera.

Mahomes’ Madden 20 arrives late July, early August

In the video, Mahomes also gave some thoughts on how he felt to become the Madden 20 cover athlete. “It’s really crazy when you’re thinking about stuff, you’re not thinking about being the cover athlete on Madden,” Mahomes said. “It’s a special experience to represent Chiefs kingdom and hopefully you all enjoy it,” he added.

He’ll be featured as Madden 20 cover athlete on the different editions of the game. That includes the special Madden 20 editions that fans can pre-order to start playing three days earlier. The standard edition arrives everywhere on August 2. More details about Mahomes and Madden are at EA’s website.

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