Madden 20 Cover Star Patrick Mahomes Joins NBA Live 19 As Playable Character, NBA Street X Event Revealed

Patrick Mahomes of NFL fame is certainly making the rounds. First he showed up at yesterday’s Draft event in Nashville for the unveiling of the new Madden 20 cover. Mahomes will be featured on the front for the 2020 edition of the popular NFL title. In conjunction with that, he’s now “in the game” for another EA title, NBA Live 19. The EA folks will also bring an exciting event to the game in the coming days.

NBA Live 19 adds Patrick Mahomes

In quite a bit of irony, Patrick Mahomes is now a playable character in another sports game besides Madden. The development comes not only as he’s been announced as Madden 20 cover star, but also after his viral story before. After a video of his athletic layup, the Chiefs told their star QB he couldn’t play basketball during his off time. After all, they want to keep their investment protected from injury.

Once that news arrived, Mahomes joked about only playing basketball in the video game world. After all, he’s an avid gamer himself. Now he’s actually part of a basketball game, as EA announced his arrival for NBA Live 19. EA Sports is the company behind both games featuring Mahomes.

NBA Live 19 gamers will now do their best to battle against Mahomes on the virtual courts as they await Madden 20’s release date. Mahomes is one of the latest celebrities to join the game as a baller. Others have included actor Omari Hardwick, hip-hop star Lil Dicky, and the late Nipsey Hussle. All of these playable characters arrived in NBA Live’s Content Creator Challenge feature.

NBA Live 19 also teased NBA Street X event

Patrick Mahomes may not be the only player that will join the NBA Live 19 game. EA Sports tweeted that “Stretch” will also become a part of the game. Stretch is a character from NBA Street. For those not in the know, “Stretch” was a boss baller in the original NBA Street and appeared on the game’s cover. He has a striking resemblance to NBA great, Julius Erving, and plays like Dr. J too.

EA’s NBA Live Twitter teased that a special new feature will arrive on Monday for the game.

According to the tweet above, NBA Live will have “NBA Street X” with “Big Head Mode.” So it appears at least Stretch will be popping up. Who knows which other bosses might arrive with him. The tease alone has gamers wondering when and where. A later tweet from EA’s NBA Live crew indicated that Monday they will bring the new NBA Street event to their consoles, so be on the lookout!

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