Madden 20 Players: All 99 Club Members Get Special Nike Cleats Except DeAndre Hopkins

A small number of Madden 20 players qualified for this year’s 99 Club. While last year’s group included a total of seven players, this year’s was reduced to a much more exclusive membership of four. The 99 Club members for defense were the Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald, Chicago Bears’ Khalil Mack, and Seattle Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner. Just one offensive player is in the club, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins of the Houston Texans. On Wednesday, a special pair of cleats went out to all of these Madden 20 players, except Hopkins.

Madden 20 players Wagner, Mack, Donald receive cleats

As part of the honor of making it into the 99 Club, a Madden and Nike collaboration arrived. Behold the special football cleats only given to these elite players in the game. They feature gold stylings on them as a sign of royalty when it comes to these Madden 20 players. Heading into the season, they’re considered the best of all NFL competition.

Teams and EA posted videos of the players receiving their sweet gifts from Madden and Nike. Here’s a look at the Midway Monster Khalil Mack checking out his Nike 99 Club cleats. They feature a 99 Club logo and a gold swoosh as well as “Mack” across the front of them. Pretty stylish!

There are many people who consider the Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald the best player in the league on the defensive side of the ball. He’s was EA’s first reveal in this year’s 99 Club and the only returning member from the Madden 19 club. Donald received his gifts at practice with teammates and some children gathered around. In the video below, Donald also gets special plaques from EA with the 99 Club on them. Each of the Madden 20 players received those as part of the honor.

The Seattle Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner became a new member of this year’s 99 Club for Madden 20 players. He’s one of the last remaining members of that impressive “Legion of Boom” defensive unit that helped Seattle get to the Super Bowl. In the video clip below, Wagner receives his gift box and he marvels at everything inside including those special gold cleats.

Was DeAndre Hopkins left out of the gift giving?

That leaves one of the Madden 20 players with the Texans’ DeAndre Hopkins. He surprised a lot of fans as the only guy on offense to make it into this year’s four-member club. Still, he seems deserving of that distinction based on his skills, abilities, and stats. Check out his NFL Top 100 highlight reel below for further evidence of why he’s a 99 overall in Madden.

So far, no videos have surfaced of Hopkins receiving a special EA Madden gift box with Nike cleats. The early speculation is that only players already associated with Nike are getting the cleats. DeAndre Hopkins is with Adidas, so that’s probably a big part of why he wasn’t in this promotion.

Even so, one has to think EA hooked him up with some plaques like the other Madden 20 players, and maybe unique gift as the only player on offense in the 99 Club. There’s also the possibility that Adidas got involved to reward the Texans star for his honor. Either way, all four guys will be doing their best on a weekly basis to make sure they keep that spot in the club.

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