Madden 20 Ratings: Keenan Allen Lifts His Madden Boycott After Ratings Update

As sports gamers know, player ratings are a big deal with many athletes. They cause heated arguments, and enraged Twitter comments from many of the game’s biggest stars. Sometimes, it even leads to a professional athlete blowing up at a ratings adjustor or not speaking to them. In the case of the Los Angeles Chargers’ Keenan Allen he was boycotting Madden 20. However, a recent ratings adjustment has changed that.

Keenan Allen is good with Madden 20 ratings upgrade

The Madden 20 ratings for all NFL players arrived weeks ahead of the official game release date. A number of star players took exception with their OVR numbers. That included wide receiver Keenan Allen who received a 90 OVR for the game’s launch. In a Twitter video clip, he went on record saying he was boycotting the game and wouldn’t be playing it after seeing that lower-than-expected number.

However, the Madden ratings adjustors are always watching players at practices and games. They’re gaining valuable insight into how the players look on the field and using that to adjust ratings accordingly. In a new video clip, an adjustor meets with Keenan Allen to inform him of a ratings upgrade.

Allen’s original attributes included 92 Awareness, 92 Agility, 91 Acceleration, and 72 Strength ahead of the upcoming season. However, the ratings adjustor informs him they’ve moved up several attributes and Allen is a 92 OVR in the game. That gets Keenan Allen more on board with his Madden 20 ratings, and he officially lifts his boycott. That said, he’s still wanting those numbers up a bit more based on his recent performance on the field. Also, that number has yet to show up on Madden 20.

It’s well documented that the Madden 20 ratings, along with many other sports game ratings, move in conjunction with a player’s real performances during a season. The Chargers are currently in the preseason, so Allen will have limited time on the field. However, once early September arrives and the NFL regular season starts, Allen has plenty of time to give the adjustors further evidence of his star power.

The new Madden 20 NFL game is currently available for the Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Windows PCs. See more of VGR’s Madden 20 news here.