Madden 21 Player Ratings to Include New COD Attribute Rating

When the new Madden 21 game arrives for consoles in August, gamers will see a brand new attribute rating. The attributes define a player’s ‘specific strong and weak skill areas on the field. These include things like Speed, Tackling, Power Moves, Acceleration, Playmaking, and Throwing Under Pressure. A new attribute in the game will be abbreviated COD and will replace Elusiveness for Madden 21 player ratings.

What is the COD rating for Madden 21 player ratings?

A new attribute rating is part of the Madden 21 football game that will need some attention. Gamers first noticed COD when playing the recent Madden 21 closed beta that went out at the end of last week. It stands for Change of Direction. Madden Gameplay Director and Ratings Adjustor Clint Oldenburg jumped on Twitter to answer one person’s tweet asking for more details about COD.

Oldenburg went on to explain that COD actually replaces ELU or Elusiveness. That particular attribute rating was only applicable to offensive players, whereas Change of Direction will also apply to defensive players in the game.

So Madden 21 will no longer have Elusiveness as an attribute with ratings for players. That said, it will be interesting to see which players have the best Change of Direction on both sides of the ball in the new Madden 21 game.

Head Ratings Adjustor gives more insight on COD

In addition to Clint Oldenburg giving details about the new COD rating, Head Ratings Adjust Dustin Smith also weighed in on the topic. He gave more insight into how the rating is different from Agility (AGI) in the Madden 21 game.

So players with a higher Change of Direction (COD) rating will be better suited for quick and efficient sharp cuts. Players with much lower COD ratings will have difficulty in the game adjusting to a cut or hard plant.

It’ll add a new dynamic to the strategy that gamers use when selecting their personnel for the game. So far, no details have arrived on Madden 21 player ratings, but we’ll be interested to see which offensive and defensive players rank at the top for COD.

The new game arrives on August 28, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Check out MVP Edition pre-order details to get your copy.

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