Madden 21 Face of the Franchise Videos Arrive Online to Show Off Game Mode Early

One of the popular modes of the Madden game is the Face of the Franchise, which allows gamers to guide a player’s early days into the NFL. In Madden 21 Face of the Franchise, gamers are going to take their created player even further than in the previous installment. Thanks to a series of new YouTube videos, we’re getting a first look at what the game mode will involve as far as creating a player and more of the storyline.

New Madden 21 Face of the Franchise takes player through high school football days

YouTuber GoodGameBro is part of the Game Changers program, allowing content creators to get their hands on Madden early and show off some of the game. He’s one of several creators who posted videos on his channel covering the new Madden 21 Face of the Franchise mode.

Last year, gamers got to take their QB1 player through college and into the pros. In Madden 21, they’ll be guiding them through high school, then college, and into the NFL. GoodGameBro shows off how you’re able to create the high school name and mascot. He opts to replicate his actual high school, the Luray Bulldogs from Virginia.

From there we see the option to choose one of three voices for the created player and go straight into some of their high school football story. He has a bit of friction with the team’s star quarterback and the story goes from there.

Keep in mind, there will be an option to select from NCAA football teams again for Face of the Franchise, with a few new college options for where your player can sign as compared to last year’s game.

Player position change part of mode’s story

Something we learned with EA’s game details reveal months ago was that your Madden 21 Face of the Franchise player can make a position change based on the story. In another of the video series from GoodGameBro, we see him continuing as the story is in a college football game, the EA Sports Kickoff Classic.

Thanks to the video we get a good look at several of the college football teams in the game including the USC Trojans, Clemson Tigers, and Florida Gators. We also see how the story evolves between the two former teammates from high school, and how your choice along the way impact how the story goes. We also see how you’re able to choose your new position in the story.

Based on the footage, it looks to be a mode that will keep fans entertained as they try to get their player from high school to college and ultimately to NFL fame.

One thing we’ve learned over the past several weeks is that Madden 21 Face of the Franchise ties into The Yard mode a bit. With that, gamers will be able to earn certain progress in FOTF towards their customized avatar in The Yard. Some gamers may enjoy both modes, while others may skip one or the other.

Gamers can start playing Madden 21 as early as Aug. 21 with the EA Play subscription (formerly EA Access). Otherwise, those who pre-ordered the MVP or Deluxe Edition can start playing on Aug. 25, while those who buy Standard Edition get the game on Friday, Aug. 28.

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