Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors Revealed for Defensive Stars Including Aaron Donald, JJ Watt

EA has unveiled six more Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors that will be a part of the upcoming game. This time around, we’re getting a look at the abilities for defensive stars. Among them are top players including 99 Club member Aaron Donald and Baltimore Ravens RE Calais Campbell. Here’s a look at what these players have and others for the new game.

Aaron Donald, JJ Watt get new Madden 21 Superstar X-Factors

We’ve already seen a few new Superstar X-Factors for offensive players including Christian McCaffrey’s Ankle Breaker. Two players will have brand new abilities on the other side of the ball. First up is Aaron Donald, who is the only player returning from last year to this year for the Madden 99 Club. Donald will get the new X-Factor called Blitz.

To get in the zone for Blitz, Donald needs record two defensive line sacks. That will win the resistance bars for all on-field blockers, making Donald and his teammate’s work much easier. However, after playing one down, it’s taken away.

Right now, only Donald appears to have the Blitz ability, so that may show how each of the 99 OVR players will have a new X-Factor.

As shown above, the Houston Texans’ JJ Watt will have one named Relentless. With this X-Factor, one sack or tackle for loss will activate it. The X-Factor allows rushing moves with defenders to happen without costing points in terms of stamina and ratings. The opposing team can knock this X-Factor out by getting 20 yards on offense.

While Donald is the only player with Blitz, Watt is one of two players with Relentless. The other is Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers.

Other defensive players’ X-Factor abilities

In addition to the three players named above, EA revealed the Superstar X-Factors for 11 other players. Here’s the complete list of each player and their X-Factors:

  • Aaron Donald (Rams, RE) – Blitz
  • Calais Campbell (Ravens, RE) – Run Stuffer
  • Cameron Jordan (Saints, LE) – Unstoppable Force
  • Chandler Jones (Cardinals, LOLB) – Fearmonger
  • Chris Jones (Chiefs, DT) – Momentum Shift
  • Danielle Hunter (Vikings, LE) – Unstoppable Force
  • DeMarcus Lawrence (Cowboys, LE) – Unstoppable Force
  • Fletcher Cox (Eagles, DT) – Fearmonger
  • J.J. Watt (Texans, LE) – Relentless
  • Joey Bosa (Chargers, LE) – Unstoppable Force
  • Khalil Mack (Bears, LOLB) – Unstoppable Force
  • Myles Garrett (Browns, RE) – Unstoppable Force
  • Nick Bosa (49ers, RE) – Relentless
  • T.J. Watt (Steelers, LOLB) – Unstoppable Force

Based on the list above, Unstoppable Force will be one a good number of defensive players will have in Madden 21. This one requires two defensive line sacks. Once activated, it allows all pash rush wins to lead to quicker block shedding. If the offense is able to get 10 yards, that will shut down the Unstoppable Force X-Factor.

Read more about all of the defensive X-Factors here at EA’s website.