Madden 21 Ultimate Team Cards, Rivalz, and NFL Epics Programs Revealed

Madden 21 Ultimate Team details arrived from EA in which they presented several of the components of this year’s mode. During a Twitch live stream, viewers got a look at the new Madden 21 Ultimate Team cards, as they’ll have a new layout. In addition, they revealed two of the programs or challenges that will be available. A new one called Rivalz and then NFL Epics.

New Madden 21 Ultimate Team cards layout

The card art is always an essential part of the Madden 21 Ultimate Team cards, as new cards often showcase players with different jerseys or milestones from their career. The art also reflects card types such as the NFL 100 or other promotions they had in Madden 20. In Madden 21, it appears that may still be the case, but they have changed up the way the card layout is.

Per EA’s Gridiron Notes, the team chose to make the card have a layout which could present 55 percent player art and then give enough room for important details. Those include player position, rating, abilities, Superstar X-Factor, chemistries, and other key information as shown on the Aaron Donald card below.

madden 21 ultimate team cards layout design

With that, each individual player will be able to get up to five abilities in the game. Those are in addition to the three Superstar X-Factors a player may have available. EA also announced the introduction of Ability Caps, where gamers will need to spend Ability Points in the way they see as best for their players and team. See more details here at EA’s Gridiron Notes.

RIVALZ and NFL Epics Challenges available

As fans of MUT know, EA regularly brings out different programs or promotions in the mode, where gamers can earn player cards or other rewards. They highlighted two of the early programs that will be available when Madden 21 Ultimate Team is first underway. The first one is called RIVALZ.

RIVALZ will serve as sort of an introductory set of challenges into MUT. Gamers will play through different arcade style or other missions to get acquainted with things. Once they’ve completed them all, they’ll get a choice of one of four players rated at 85 overall. They are Ben Roethlisberger, Jaylon Smith, and Zach Ertz.

They’ll also feature the return of the NFL Epics program with four specific players highlighted for Madden 21 Ultimate Team. They are Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Jack Youngblood, and Ronnie Lott. There’s a series of 25 challenges for each player that highlight their career moments. Gamers can play through each of the player’s missions and earn stars to unlock an 85 overall version of them.

madden 21 ultimate team nfl epics

The new player reveals are in addition to the MUT Captains and Master player that EA revealed. We also saw the top seven players revealed for MUT 21 including members of the 99 Club such as Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Donald.

The new Madden game arrives as early as Aug. 21 on EA Play (formerly EA Access). It arrives Aug. 25 for those who pre-ordered MVP or Deluxe Edition and Aug. 28 for Standard Edition.

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