Madden 22 Most Feared Part 2 Players Include Ray Lewis and Randy Moss

The Madden 22 Most Feared Part 2 release adds some scary good players to the virtual gridiron on different tiers. At the highest tiers are LTD and Champion player items. Amongst them are stars Brandon Marshall, Lawrence Taylor, Ray Lewis, and Randy Moss. Those are just four of many new player cards available in Ultimate Team, so let’s take a look at who else is part of the release.

Madden 22 Most Feared Part 2 players include LTD Marshall, Barr

The Madden 22 Most Feared program is a Halloween-themed promotion that brings high-rated player items to the game along with new challenges to conquer. Leading the way with each release are the LTD cards. For Part 2 of the promo, it’s wide receiver Brandon Marshall and linebacker Anthony Barr with 94 overall cards.

Marshall’s card includes a 95 Deep Route Running, 94 Catch in Traffic, 94 Spectacular Catch, 93 Jumping, and 92 Speed for a Physical WR. He’s also able to play for the Seahawks, Jets, Giants, Dolphins, Broncos, or Bears theme teams.

With Barr, gamers get a Run Stopper LOLB with 94 Tackling, 91 Speed, 90 Acceleration, 88 Play Recognition, and 87 Block Shedding. He’s good for those Vikings theme teams or any other MUT squad that needs a solid linebacker up front.

Lewis, Moss, Gronk and other new player cards in MUT

Along with the LTDs, we have four new champions with two from defense and two for the offense. Madden Ultimate Team fans will be happy to see the return of these guys as we get 93 OVR cards for Randy Moss, Ray Lewis, Rob Gronkowski, and Lawrence Taylor. Typically, we see them in the Legends or Ultimate Legends release.

Moss brings 92s for Speed, Deep Route, Spectacular Catch, and Jumping. LT gets 92s on his Power Moves and Finesse Moves with 89s for Strength and Speed. Lewis is a Field General MLB with 90s or near 90s in major areas like Speed, Block Shedding, Strength, and Tackling. Gronk can play for the Pats or Bucs and has 92 Spectacular Catch, 93 Catch in Traffic, and 91 Catching.

Here’s a look at the top player items released in Madden 22 Most Feared Part 2:

  • LTD Brandon Marshall
  • LTD Anthony Barr
  • Champion1 Ray Lewis
  • Champion2 Lawrence Taylor
  • Champion3 Randy Moss
  • Champion4 Rob Gronkowski
  • Hero1 Joey Bosa
  • Hero2 Calvin Ridley
  • Hero3 Marshon Lattimore
  • Hero4 Brandin Cooks
  • Hero5 Joel Bitonio
  • Hero6 Brandon Graham
  • Hero7 Eric Rowe
  • Hero8 Trey Flowers

Visit MUTHEAD here to see more of the Most Feared player cards.

Gamers can acquire the LTD player items for a limited time, typically 48 hours, in packs. Additionally, they’re available on the Auction House for Madden Coins. Other player items also appear randomly in packs and can be acquired through exchange sets or the Auction House.

This is the second of three releases, so most likely we’ll see Most Feared Part 3 by the end of next week with more high-rated player items released!

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