Madden 22 Ultimate Team Cards: Legends Release 9 Brings Andre Johnson, Ronnie Lott to MUT

Two more all-time greats of the gridiron have arrived in the Legends Release 9 this weekend. The latest of the legendary football stars are wide receiver Andre Johnson and free safety Ronnie Lott. Each gets several new Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards available through games, packs, and the Auction House. Let’s check out their available items and how to get them in MUT mode.

Johnson, Lott get new Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards

Just a day after the Madden Most Feared promo dropped in the game, we’ve got two brand new MUT Legends. They each have several high-rated cards including their 92 OVR Boss and 93 OVR Limited cards. Two-time receptions leader and receiving yards leader Andre Johnson is one of them. The former Texans’ 93 OVR Limited features 93 Deep Route, 93 Spectacular Catch, 93 Catch in Traffic, 93 Jumping, and 92 Speed.

Also getting new Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards is the four-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Famer Ronnie Lott. The former free safety with the San Francisco 49ers was a two-time interceptions leader in the NFL. With his 93 Limited cards, gamers get 94 Power Moves, 93 Zone Coverage, 93 Speed, 92 Acceleration, 92 Tackling, and 90 Pursuit.

Check out their new Boss and Limited cards below, which are joined in MUT by other items including Power Up and lower-rated cards.

Lott and Johnson are part of the ninth release for the Madden 22 Ultimate Team Legends promotion. Previous players available for the promo include Michael Vick, Charles Woodson, Curtis Martin, Jerry Rice, and Warren Sapp. Check out all the Legends cards released so far at the MUTHEAD listing.

How to get the new Legends in MUT

With each Legends release, gamers can earn their Madden 22 Ultimate Team cards in several ways. First and foremost, new Legends Challenges arrive in the game, allowing gamers to earn rewards. These include Madden Coins and Power Up items for the Legends players.

Each Legends Challenge involves using your Ultimate Team against the legendary player’s former team. By defeating it on the highest star/difficulty level, gamers earn 1,000 Coins. In addition, gamers earn that player’s Power Up item and a Legends Token.

The Legends Tokens are used in an exchange set worth a free high-rated Legends player when completed.

In order to get a Ronnie Lott or Andre Johnson Boss Legends card, gamers can build the exchange set for either player. These sets feature the player’s Novice, Proven, Premier, 2006 Season Edition, and 2008 Season Edition cards.

In addition to those methods, Legends cards often pop up in packs randomly. With the Limited cards, those typically are in packs for 48 hours after the cards have been released in MUT. Otherwise, gamers can use the Madden Auction House to purchase the cards they want, often at high prices.

As of this report, Ronnie Lott’s LTD cards are going for around one million Madden Coins or more in the Auction listings, while Andre Johnson cards are about 525,000 Coins or more.

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