Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament Championship Results: Snoop Dogg Battles Marquise Brown in ESPN Finale

On Sunday afternoon, the Madden NFL 20 Celebrity tournament came to a dramatic close with the big championship game. After the celebrity tournament bracket originally started with 16 players of various skill levels, it was now down to just two going for the title. Hip-hop star Snoop Dogg battled against Baltimore Ravens Marquise “Hollywood” Brown with one of the two gamers taking home the title of the best celeb in the tourney.

Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament Championship: Snoop dominates first half

The Madden NFL 20 Celebrity Tournament finale was telecast on ESPN/WatchESPN without any audio commentary from the two competitors. Instead, ESPN personnel handled those duties. Early on, it appeared as if Snoop Dogg was going to run away with a crushing win.

Snoop went up 7-0 early in the first with the 49ers, but Marquise Brown came right back with his Ravens to score a TD and a two-point conversion. Snoop scored on another move to go up 14-8. Brown went for a deep lob pass to himself in a power move, but it backfired with Snoop’s 49ers getting the INT. At the end of the first, it was Snoop 14, Marquise Brown 8.

ESPN would pick things up midway through the second quarter with Snoop threatening to score again. With a nice outside rushing move, the Doggfather added another touchdown making it 21-8.

Brown thought he was going to pull off a crazy run to get a first down with his QB Lamar Jackson, but Snoop’s defense caused a fumble to get him another turnover.

With under a minute left in the first half, Snoop went for it on 4th and 8, but Brown was able to get the stop. On his first drive after the stop, he took it to the house with the Madden 21 cover star Lamar Jackson. He’d convert a two-point conversion with LJ8 to make it 21-16.

However, Snoop was able to find some outside space with Raheem Mostaert and extended the lead to 28-16 to end the half.

Second half: Who won the championship?

They’d pick it up in the second half with Snoop continuing to use the Oakland Raiders playbook to his advantage. Basically, Snoop was trying to chew some clock as he continued to hold a two score lead on Brown. Hollywood would get the ball back after one drive, though.

He brought some more fire with Lamar Jackson to outmaneuver the 49ers’ D and score. He’d go for two once again and get it once again. That made it 28-24 in favor of Snoop. But, Hollywood would step it up.

Snoop went for a pass with Jimmy Garoppolo but it ended up an interception for the Ravens. That gave Hollywood the 31-28 lead as this time he just settled for a PAT. Another interception for the Ravens and another LJ8 touchdown made it 38-28 in favor of Brown over Snoop towards the end of the third quarter.

Hollywood Brown held the 38-28 lead as they opened the fourth. Snoop went for a gusty passing play on 3rd and 8. Emmanuel Sanders came up with it for the first down, and then Snoop pulled off an impressive outside run with Coleman to cut Brown’s lead to three.

However, on the ensuing kick, Brown returned it all the way 99 yards for another touchdown. That made it 45-35 in his favor. Snoop wasn’t done, though. A run by Mostert brought him back to within a field goal.

Hollywood tried for another breakaway run move with LJ8 but Snoop made sure to stop him this time. With two minutes to go, it was 45-42 in favor of Brown with the Ravens. Hollywood found another play using himself to take it to the end zone, pushing his lead back to 10.

On third down, Snoop wanted a big passing play but Brown had the Ravens attack and sack Jimmy G. Snoop had a fourth down opportunity and couldn’t come up with a completion. That gave Brown the ball back and reason to smile. The next play saw yet another outside move with Jackson. He’d put the hurt on with another two-point conversion to make it 60-42.

That’s how it would close out in a thrilling finale. That means Hollywood Brown is the Madden 20 NFL Celebrity Tournament champ. After the win, Madden 03 when Marshall Faulk was on the cover. He admitted to playing every day or every other day. He certainly showed that experience in his convincing victory which also resulted in $25,000 donated in his name to Feeding America.

Now we just need to see a matchup featuring Marquise Brown vs. Derwin James, winner of FOX’s Madden celebrity tournament on FS1 as well as The Checkdown’s tourney.

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