Fallout 76 Main Quests #24 Part 1: The Residential Area Event

The Mission: Countdown main quest is one of the most complex and challenging quests in Fallout 76. You can repeat the quest each time you want to launch a nuke once you have a Nuclear Keycard and Launch Code. The mission directs you to one of the three nuclear silos, each of which are functionally the same. Inside each silo, you’ll have to fight your way through five extremely challenging events. The first of these is the Fallout 76 Residential Area event.

How to Complete the Fallout 76 Residential Area Event in Mission: Countdown

The Fallout 76 Residential Area event is the shortest and easiest of the five Mission: Countdown silo events. It will be the first event you encounter when you enter Site Alpha, Site Bravo, or Site Charlie. Like every event inside these sites, you’ll be facing endless waves of high-level robots as you try to complete a series of objectives. As a result, be sure that you focus on the objectives rather than fighting an unwinnable battle of attrition. Additionally, it’s wisest to tackle these sites with other players, as these events are much easier if you have some players focusing on objectives while others focus on holding off the robots.

Fallout 76 Residential Area 1

The first step in this event is to hack the terminal in the entrance area. You can then use this to disable the defensive turrets and the Supervisor. Now you can make your way inside. Beware that being too aggressive here can trigger the security system early. Avoid killing the Supervisor and take some time to familiarise yourself with the area. When you’re ready start the event and trigger the security system.

You need to make a Biometric ID Card to get through the laser grids blocking your path in this area. This requires you to find an old card, erase the data, acquire your own biometric data, create the new card, and then register it with the system. These steps can be done throughout the area. However, every player in your squad must do these steps individually as waves of robots seek to stop you. Once every player has their own Biometric ID Card, the encounter ends and the security measures cease. Take some time to prepare and then head forward towards the Reactor Area event.