Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Summer Release Window Confirmed

Every year Nintendo offers fans an early look at what they have in store for the coming months via Nintendo Direct. This year was no different, and hot off the heels of the Switch’s best year yet, the public is eager to see what the Japanese gaming titan has to offer. One of the many hotly anticipated titles to receive an official release window is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, a game which is expected to revive the beloved franchise with glory.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Window & Additional Details

A summer release is now officially tacked onto Ultimate Alliance 3, which is an exciting announcement for those looking for any details on the game. While it’s not a specific date, that firm window of time makes the title all the more tangible. The first Ultimate Alliance title in a decade, this third installment seeks to bring fans back to their love of the franchise with a roster of familiar heroes and fresh villains. The key difference between Ultimate Alliance 3 and its older siblings is the fact that this impending addition will be a Nintendo exclusive, coming only to the Switch as opposed to the previous games which thrived on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Nintendo is entrusting the development of The Black Order to Koei Tecmo’s renowned Team Ninja. The Japanese studio is responsible for the Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden franchises, both of which give Ninja an impressive resume. In addition to their experience with excellent action franchises, Team Ninja has a storied history with Nintendo, producing several critically acclaimed games for the publisher across multiple console generations.

More information was also included in the announcement, including the addition of Captain Marvel, X-Men, and The Defenders to the roster of playable characters. The reveal trailer above displays some of Captain Marvel’s abilities, as well as her true to comics aesthetic. While the only X-Men shown so far are Wolverine and Storm, it’s a safe bet that more of Professor Xavier’s proteges will emerge. And of course, what Ultimate Alliance entry would be complete without multiplayer? Both online and local co-op have been confirmed for the forthcoming release, ensuring that fans will still be able to team up with their companions to help save the world from Thanos’ Black Order.