Mass Effect Legendary Edition to Be Released in May

Get ready — Mass Effect Legendary Edition is on the way! After an announcement of this edition back in November of 2020, you can now look forward to a May 14, 2021 release date. With such a lasting impact from the three separate games in this series, EA and BioWare are moving in the right direction with exciting new features to come.

The Mass Effect series is a Sci-fi-based adventure where you explore outer space towards the end of the 22nd century. The stories revolve around Commander Shepard, a galaxy council agent who will be in each of the three iterations of the game in the Legendary Edition.

In terms of gameplay and the overall dynamics of the games, it will still be the same Mass Effect setup that you know and love. The changes focus on improving user experience. Through new controls, graphics and engagement, you’ll find that the developers have gone all out with this release. 

The worlds will look sharper with enhanced details and depth, as will the textures of this universe, in places like Ilos, Feros and Eden Prime. For character creation, the remastered characters now have new choices for customization — like choosing from more skin tones and hairstyles. 

The overall user interface will see significant updates — fighting, exploring, quality of life additions, aiming, camera angles and handling. Down to lighting and shadows and brand ew VFX and plenty more to come, this edition brings everything you need to play without annoying setbacks.

As a major bonus, elevator rides will no longer be excruciatingly long. Now, instead of almost a minute in the elevator, your ride will only take about 14 seconds when you skip the scene. Talk about an upgrade!

On top of all these new features, you’ll get the single-player modes from each of the three games, as well as the tons of downloadable content (DLC) the Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes. DLC has become more popular through the years as games like The Twisted and The Twilight and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild use the new content to bring the game to more engaging levels. 

The Legendary Edition DLC will include the extended cut ending that came after Mass Effect 3. You can also enjoy these updates in 4K Ultra HD with HDR-level quality. Keep an eye out for even more announcements from the developers.

Release Details

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is only a few months away. You’ll be able to play through Steam and Origin on your PC. Otherwise, you can pick up a copy for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. EA and BioWare are not making next-generation editions of this release. However, you’ll have forward compatibility, so you can still play on the PS5 or Xbox Series X and S.

The pre-order for this edition has already started. If you’d like to wait, May 14 is the day you’ll find it in stores. This edition will be perfect for any long-time fans or anyone who would now like to get started on the games using newer consoles. 

Though there’s no new Mass Effect in the Legendary Edition, BioWare teased a new chapter in the series back in December 2020. There’s no word on any official release date yet, but seeing that EA and BioWare have gone all out for the Legendary Edition, the next chapter is sure to be a big one!

What are you most looking forward to?