Master Chief In Halo Infinite Trailer Has A Blue AI Chip; Is It Cortana?

Looking back at the Halo Infinite Trailer revealed at E3 2018, there’s a big hint that many of us didn’t give enough attention to. At the end of the video, Master Chief slips an AI Chip into his helmet, which bares the same color as Cortana. Could it be her though? Because last time we saw her, she wanted to bring the universe back to the Stone Age. Who would trust her again?

According to Reddit user  juicebawwx, we saw a zoomed in photo of the AI chip we mentioned before. The serial number of the chip starts with W which is certainly not the serial number for Cortana. We know that AI’s have the first letter of their name as as a serial number initial, making it hard to believe that this could be her.

This may not be any AI we already know in the Halo universe all together. No AI we know has a D – serial number, so this could be a completely new AI version or, bear with me on that, an erased AI in a stolen chip. Does this even make sense? Is it possible in any way?

Some fans revealed that the new AI in Halo Inifinite trailer might be named Durandal, which was also confirmed by community leaders by MetalHedSpartan and HiddenXperia. This pretty much gives no place to the Cortana theory. Now I feel a little sad.

However, there’s always the possibility that the consiousness of Cortana could be manipulated and moved on to another AI chip, as her “other self” is her usual villain self. For what it’s worth, Microsoft revealed that Halo Infinite is a huge addition to the franchise so twists like that may be expected.

We’ll be always rooting for a good version of Cortana. Even better if she has to stay hidden under another name just to helpMaster Chief bring her evil self down. Ok, i’m stopping, this theory is getting out of hand. We shall know what AI is in this Halo Infinite trailer chip as soon as there’s more information about the game in general.