Maximum Football 2019: First Official Billboard Ad Arrives Outside Nissan Stadium Before NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, Maximum Football is gearing up for the big event. Yes, the latest’s version of the game has nothing to do with pro football, but getting the word out does.

Maximum Football 2019 billboard hype

Doug Flutie knows was it takes to be successful in the game of football. Following an incredible college career, he went on to prove the experts wrong by having a great professional career as well.

Now Flutie is hoping that by getting behind the latest release of Maximum Football, he can help the game become a fan favorite. Now officially named “Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football,” and getting the okay from PlayStation and Xbox for release, along with adding great new features, Flutie is hyped for the 2019 release.

Now it is time to get the word out to the public. Flutie and the creators at Canuck Play are making sure that everyone heading to or watching the upcoming NFL Draft next week will see that a new video game for college football is on the horizon.

You can’t drive by Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Tennessee without seeing a huge advertisement for Max Football 2019. Fans have already taken to social media to share their excitement.

Sports gamers love their football. With the market wide open for a college game, this game has a chance to become very popular.

Review of what we know

Gamers love to stay up to date. With all the anticipated rumor changes to the latest Maximum Football 2019 game, fans are beyond hyped.

Here is what we know as of today:

  • Wilson will be the official football on Max Football
  • Big upgrades are expected in Dynasty Mode
  • Quarterbacks will be more mobile and even be able to hook slide
  • New and more realistic helmet look
  • Adjustments & improvements to backfield movement & DB coverage

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully all the changes to Maximum Football live up to the hype!