Minecraft Dungeons Announced at Minecon 2018, Is a Dungeon-Crawling Spin-Off Title

Minecraft Dungeons was announced earlier today during Minecon 2018. The upcoming spin-off title is officially set in the Minecraft universe and is inspired by classic dungeon-crawling games. Fans of the Minecraft franchise will be able to check out this upcoming action-adventure title when it releases for PC in 2019. No word yet on any other platforms for the game.

Minecraft Dungeons will take players to various locations that, of course, sport that signature Minecraft block art style from canyons to swamps and the expected mines. In these various places, players will hunt down new loot like weapons and items to take down hordes of enemy mobs, including some new creatures never seen before.

You will have the option of playing Minecraft Dungeons by yourself and taking on the countless enemies alone or teaming up with up to three other friends for a full team of four players. According to the official announcement, the levels that you will explore with your team will be widely varied as you journey to save all of the villagers and take down the poorly named Arch-Illager.

Minecraft Dungeons is being developed by Mojang itself, though, the team behind it is a smaller dedicated team based in Stockholm, Sweden. The official announcement came with a reveal trailer, which you can view above. Unfortunately, the announcement trailer doesn’t seem to show any actual gameplay so it remains to be seen if the title will play from the traditional third-person/first-person viewpoint or go for the traditional isometric perspective.

However, it does seem from the initial trailer that there will be some sort of class system that players will choose from. We see the traditional sword-wielding fighter as well as a heavy duty hammer-wielding character and some sort of wizard. Minecraft Dungeons is the latest spin-off game in the series, joining Story Mode from the now-closed developer Telltale Games.