MLB The Show 19 Conquest Mode: How To Earn Legends Hal Newhouser, Keith Hernandez

MLB The Show 19 Conquest Mode can be quite challenging. It is also entertaining and rewarding in many ways. For baseball fans and gamers alike, Conquest is like “Game of Thrones” – only on a baseball diamond!  Here’s how to earn yourself star players Keith Hernandez and Hal Newhouser along with other great rewards in the Conquest Mode.

MLB The Show 19 Conquest Mode Breakdown

If you aren’t sure how Conquest Mode works, you are not alone. It is a bit tougher for newbies, but it also can be challenging for even the most regular MLB The Show player.

Conquest Mode involves capturing team Strongholds and Territories. As put by MLB The Show 19 cover athlete Bryce Harper, It all about seek and destroy and “erasing our enemies from history!”

Okay, that may be taking it a bit too far, but it is a mode that players need to be aggressive on.

Conquest Mode is a fun way to battle your way across America with your own elite roster. All while conquering territories, staking you claim and collecting some sweet prizes along the way. In this description, you will learn how to earn Legends Hal Newhouser and Keith Hernandez.

How to earn Newhouser, Hernandez in Conquest mode

You will need to head into the Conquest Challenge section on MLB the Show 19. Once in there, you can navigate over to where you see Keith Hernandez. You’ll be presented with a map of the US territories that you’ll work through. In addition, you’ll see seven different goals you can work towards.

As you expand your conquest, the map will show your progress. Upon completing each of the goals you will earn rewards. On Goal 5, you’ll earn the 81-rated Hal Newhouser player card. His card includes 100 Stamina and 92 Clutch pitching. Once you’ve achieved the final goal, Goal 7, you’ll earn Keith Hernandez. He’s also an 82-rated player card featuring 95 Durability, 92 Fielding, and 90 Vision amongst his attributes.

It will take some work, but if you complete all goals you’ll add these two great players to your squad. Take each goal and break it down, and you’ll be on your way to conquering the Conquest Challenges in MLB The Show 19!