MLB The Show 19 Players Poll: Who Is Your Go-To Diamond Dynasty Clutch Hitter?

Two outs, bottom of the 9th. You need a hit to win the game. Who are you going with? The crew at MLB The Show is giving you the reins, so the pressure is on! In the latest MLB The Show 19 players poll, the creators are making you the manager. If you can choose any player to come up to the dish and hit with the game on the line who is your go-to guy?

MLB The Show 19 Players Poll Selections

It is easy to play Monday morning quarterback. You know the old expression, “I could have done better if I was the manager.” Well, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. In a recent tweet, MLB The Show wants to know who is your go-to guy when the money is on the line?

JD Martinez? Bryce Harper? Jose Altuve? Or maybe someone different? No matter who it is, you are the manager and you make the call! After all, 40,000-plus fans on Opening Day are in a frenzy and as the manager, it all comes down to your decision.

MLB The Show 19 players poll gave nine examples. Surprisingly stars like Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera were not on the suggested list. However, that is the beauty of baseball. Everyone has a player or two that they believe is clutch, no matter how popular that player may be on a national level.

Twitter responds

The responses to the MLB The Show 19 players poll posted today have been coming in at a fast pace. A lot of fans have responded with players such as Mike Trout and Alex Bregman.

A few included Detroit Tigers rookie Christin Stewart. Stewart has been hot of late, even if his .200 batting average doesn’t reflect it. The rookie outfielder hit a game-winning grand slam on Saturday, and followed that up with a 2-RBI performance in the Tigers 3-1 win over the Royals.

So, who is your choice? After all the question is directed squarely at you!