MLB The Show 19: Trade Deadline Diamond Dynasty Team Deals

In honor of tomorrow’s MLB Trade Deadline, MLB The Show is serving up some great trade options. Well, that is if you were choosing between three of the greatest Diamond Dynasty players being dealt for one another. Talk about a tough challenge!

Trade Deadline moves

MLB The Show 19 simply asked – if tomorrow’s MLB trade deadline applied to your Diamond Dynasty Team, which move do you make? That choice isn’t easy, especially when you are staring at legend after legend!

Would it be Rickey Henderson for Willie Stargell? When these two were in their prime, both teams would be the winner! Rickey Henderson was a leadoff hitter who could hit with power and run like the wind. Willie Stargell was a smooth first baseman who could hit and field with the best of them.

Two more tough deals

If you think making an MLB trade deadline deal that involved Rickey Henderson or Willie Stargell would be tough, how about dealing away Lou Gehrig or Cal Ripken? Who would depart with those guys?

The other two options in this fantasy scenario of trade deadline madness includes Frank Thomas for Lou Gehrig or Cal Ripken being sent away from Baltimore to the Mile High City for Troy Tulowitzki.

Thomas was one of the best hitters of his generation. So was Lou Gehrig. They played decades apart, but they both could mash.

Tulo was considered one of the best shortstops over the past decade. In the late ’80s through the mid-’90s Cal Ripken could make that same claim. You are the GM so the choice now falls on you! You can vote on your favorite trade by clicking the Tweet above.

Gamers, you have until 11 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, July 31) to place your vote!