MLB The Show 20 Flawless Rewards, Headliners Set 8 Diamond Players Include John Smoltz, Dale Murphy

As the sports hiatus continues, sports video games are where it’s at for those looking to cure boredom while indoors. MLB The Show 20 has introduced a variety of new content in the past several days. That included the new Weekly Challenge on Monday and today’s items. There are new MLB The Show 20 Flawless Rewards and Headliners Set 8 Diamond players to obtain in the game.

New MLB The Show 20 Flawless Rewards: Dwight Evans and John Smoltz

In terms of the MLB The Show 20 Flawless Rewards, gamers have a pretty nice new legend Dwight Evans available. The former Boston Red Sox right fielder is a 92 overall with both Diamond hitting and defense. In addition, he brings 121 Plate Discipline, Evans brings 91 Fielding, 97 Arm Strength, and a 58 Speed.

Former Atlanta Braves ace John Smoltz is another new MLB The Show 20 Flawless Rewards player. The closing pitcher is rated at 92 overall. Smoltz’s pitch repertoire that includes 88 mph slider, 97 mph 4-seam fastball, 89 mph splitter, and 86 mph changeup pitches. In terms of attributes, Smoltz brings 95 hit per nine, 103 strikeout per nine, and 94 walk per nine innings. 

Headliners Set 8 brings new Dale Murphy

The MLB The Show Shop now carries the new Headliners Set 8 packs. The featured card inside these is a Diamond level Dale Murphy from the Atlanta Braves. His new item brings a 91 overall rating along with 95 contact versus right-handed pitchers and 95 Plate Discipline. He’s also got that Diamond defense and can play any position in the outfield, but particular centerfield.

Packs cost 7,500 MLB Stubs and gamers are able to obtain a maximum of five to try to land that Murphy card, or maybe pull another Diamond star. For those who just want to buy Murphy outright, he’s going for 25,000 Stubs or so on the marketplace.

Costs on the marketplace for John Smoltz and Dwight Evans are much higher, as expected. These could be going for 150,000 to 250,000 Stubs based on how highly they’re rated and how new they are in the Diamond Dynasty program.

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