MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson Day: How to Earn His Gold and Diamond Cards

For the MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson Day tribute the game has provided gamers with a way to earn new cards for Diamond Dynasty. In honor of the trailblazing legend, there are Gold and Diamond cards to acquire. Here are the details on how to get these Jackie Robinson cards for your Diamond Dynasty squad.

MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson Day tribute content includes video, new cards

April 15 marks Jackie Robinson Day and MLB The Show 20 posted a special tribute video for No. 42 earlier in the day. In their caption, they said today is be a day to “honor the man that walked a new path not just for baseball, but for something much more.”

Here’s the full promotional video featuring in-game shots of the six-time All-Star, World Series champion, and Hall of Fame member Jackie Robinson.

Later on in the day, gamers learned that there are two new MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson cards to earn in the game. The first of these is an 83 overall Gold version. It features Gold hitting with 107 Vision, 99 Bunting, 91 CON L, and 91 Durability. Add in that blazing fast 95 Speed, 76 Steal and 78 Reaction for a pretty solid card at the Gold level. Quirks are Hitting Machine, Thief, 20/20 Vision, Bunt Master, and Speedster.

mlb the show 20 jackie robinson gold card

An even better MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson card is available with his Diamond. It features an 88 overall rating with Diamond Hitting. The top attributes include 114 Vision, 110 CON L, 98 Plate Discipline, and 85 CON R. There’s also solid fielding with most numbers in the 70s. Speed is 78 with a 41 Steal rating. His Quirks change up some too. He has Hitting Machine, 20/20 Vision, and Bunt Master along with Walker for this card.

mlb the show 20 jackie robinson diamond card attributes

How to get the new items in The Show

To get the new MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson cards, you’ll need to head over to the “Programs” option on the game’s main screen. Choose “Player Programs” and then scroll down to choose the “Evolution Jackie Robinson” option. This will give a screen of the “Missions” and “Moments” along with rewards.

You can participate in the various Missions or Moments to earn points. At certain points levels, you’ll earn rewards. For example, 5 points will get you The Show Pack. At 10 points you get 200 MLB The Show Stubs and 15 Points brings a Universal Profile Nameplate. You’ll get two The Show Packs for 20 points and then an Exclusive Jackie Robinson Lizard Skin Bat Grip (plus 250 Stubs) at 25 Points.

To get the Gold Jackie Robinson card takes 35 points, while it’s going to be 95 points to get the Diamond card. We’ve listed out all of the Missions and Moments below with available points for each one.


  • Online: Tally Extra-Base Hits With Dodgers (+10 Points)
  • Online: Tally Runs With Dodgers (+10 Points)
  • Conquest: Tally RBIs With Dodgers (+5 Points)
  • Conquest: Tally Stolen Bases With Dodgers (+5 Points)
  • Exchange Dodgers, 1B, 2B, 3B, and LF (+10 Points)


  • Debut – Get on Base 1 Time, Don’t Strike Out (+3 Points)
  • 1st Multi-Hit Game – Tally 2 Hits, Tally 1 Extra Base Hit (+5 Points)
  • Sneaky Speed – Get on Base 3 Times, Steal 2 Bases (+5 Points)
  • 1st 4-Hit Game – Tally 7 Total Base Hits (+5 Points)
  • Doubleheader vs. The Giants – Tally 5 Hits, Don’t Strike Out Twice (+7 Points)

You can complete any combination of the above Missions and Moments in order to get points towards the MLB The Show 20 Jackie Robinson cards. Best of luck in getting these for your roster!

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